Trees within Acadia National Park + Cartoon of a meteorite

Museum Offering $25,000 to Whoever Locates Mysterious Meteorite

Clare Fitzgerald

Space fans and meteorite hunters, rejoice! At around midday on April 8, 2023, a meteorite flew across the sky in northern Maine and landed in…

Photo of Stephan's Quintet taken by the James Webb Space Telescope + James Webb Space Telescope under construction

The First Images from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope are Jaw-Dropping

Todd Neikirk

One of the best ways for NASA and its scientists to explore the universe is through telescopes. One issue, however, is that the massive instruments…

The benefits of space blankets in a survival situation

Space blankets, also known as Mylar blankets or First Aid blankets, have a reputation for being little more than thin sheets of foil that are…