6 Tips for vacationing with an RV

Maybe they remind you of something “old-fashioned” and the 70s. Or maybe they remind you of a hippie movies you watched as a kid. But one thing is for sure, RV’s are cool as hell. Even though I’ve never had one, I always wanted one, and always envied the families who went on vacations with one.

When you take a vacation in an RV, you have the freedom to go wherever you want and whenever you want. You can stop everywhere, take as many breaks as you want, and take them as long as you want. Planning and organizing your trips according to your wishes and opportunities is a lot easier when you drive an RV.



The best thing about an RV is that you can travel in it with your friends, family, or just you and your better half. The road will be filled with fun, excitement, and good times. All you need is to pack your things, add gas, and hop on for the trip of a lifetime.


If it’s your first time vacationing with an RV, there are few things you need to know before hitting the road. Here are few tips you need to have in mind before heading out.

1. Rent or buy


For their first trip with an RV, everyone asks themselves whether to buy or to rent one. And I believe that’s normal since you can’t know if you will like the experience. Since there are pros and cons for both options, you need to consider the key factors.

Rent: Spend less money, and see if you like the experience by testing it one time
Buy: Great investment if you plan to go on RV vacations often, storage in times when you don’t travel with it

2. Know the RV


The first thing you need to do when you get your RV is to get to know it. There are many things that could go wrong while you’re traveling with it, so you better know what’s where and how things work. If something breaks, you should know how to fix it. Even if you get a rental RV, examine and research every part of it.

So, before hitting the road, spend few days in and around the RV, to get familiar with it and how it works.


3. Test drive


After getting familiar with the parked RV, it’s time to take it on the road and see how it works when you drive it. Take a short practice drive in your neighborhood, or even take it out on the highway.

From test driving it, you will know how to ascend hills, switch lanes, and park it. Also, you will check if any cabinet doors or drawers are opening while you drive, so you can adjust them if they do.

This is your opportunity to learn and get to know the vehicle before you’re away from help and advice.

4. Spare parts and tool kit


It’s crucial to have the proper equipment for the road, in case somethings goes wrong. There might be situations where your RV stops on the road in the middle of nowhere. You wouldn’t want to wait for the towing service for few hours, especially if it’s really cold or hot.

If needed, you have to have the right tools to fix it, and the right parts to replace. Be sure you have a full equipment and spare parts like light bulbs, fuses, nuts, bolts, jumper cables, etc.

5. Plan the trips


Although it’s exciting and a thrill to be spontaneous when you travel with an RV, there are certain risks if it’s your first time. Yes, it’s wonderful that you can go wherever and whenever you want, but try not to do it in the beginning. When you’re an RV beginner, it’s better to organize your trips and have a solid plan for them.

Here are few tips on what to consider when planning:

  • Your budget
  • The route and detours
  • How much food to take
  • When and where to make stops
  • Campgrounds along the route


6. Campground setup


Usually, your final destination when traveling with an RV is a campground. Although it sounds easy, vacationing on a campground is not as simple as you might think. If it’s your first time on a camping ground, there are few things you need to consider upon the arrival there. We recommend creating a checklist that will ensure you that everything is as it should be.
The checklist should look something like this:

  • Check for obstacles and low branches
  • Find the water, electrical and sewage hookups
  • Park the RV close to the hookups and level it
  • Chock the wheels
  • Connect the power hookup to the RV
  • Attach the water and sewage hoses to the RV
  • Set up the campsite


If you consider going on a vacation with an RV, do not hesitate. Traveling with an RV is an excellent way to bond with your friends and explore the outdoors. I guarantee that you’ll have great and fun time, filled with excitement and beautiful views.


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