8 items you should not forget to pack

Some people just love to escape civilization and head into the wilderness for a few days. It can restore the soul, beat back the stress, and it is a welcome relief to get away from the constant demands of technology.

However, there are some modern conveniences that will be required.




A compass is something you should consider packing. While your smartphone or GPS can give you this information quickly and precisely, it could be seen as cheating! If you really want to have an old fashioned adventure, you can also take a real paper map.


This way you will be able to navigate your way back home in a classic way. And hey, it’s a good skill to have for when your cell battery runs out and you’ve got to rely on your own skills.



You probably do not expect to find shops in the wilderness but it is always a good idea to have some money with you. If anything unexpected happens, it is advisable to just have a bit of cash in your pocket just in case.

Duct tape

You should never be anywhere without some duct tape, even if you never leave home. In the wilderness, it can be even more useful. You can use it to fix your tent, temporarily hold rips in your clothes or patch up sleeping bags.

It can be an emergency bandage or cover leaks in your water container. The uses are endless. Do not leave home without it!



You may have seen that it is possible to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together. It does work, but we advise you that the fire will start much faster if one of the sticks is a match. Having several matches with you is best, better still if they are waterproof matches.

Insect repellent

Bugs can really be bothersome when you are in the great outdoors. While this is where the bugs belong, you will probably prefer them to stay away from you. Insect repellent will help to persuade them to stay away.


Even if you are carrying a lot of water, you should really be prepared for emergencies. Something could go wrong, and it is a good idea to carry with you a means to filter water that you will hopefully find while you are out in the wild. Water from a stream or a lake should be treated before you drink it.


A canteen is a practical way to carry enough water, of which you will need plenty. Modern canteens are robust and will last for years. There are even those which can double as a kettle and can be put on the fire to boil water. You may need to do this while you are out there in the woods.



You should always carry a survival knife with you. It really is a multi-purpose tool; you can prepare your meal or clear vegetation, you may even need it for self defense. This is another item you should not leave home without.



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