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Visit the world
Visit the world

Looking to go somewhere nice for the holidays in 2017? Here in the Outdoor Revival office we’re talking about possible holiday destinations for 2017, we’ve not come up with anything yet although there’s a good many places to consider and thought that we’d share some of them with you.

We appreciate that Traveling is rather expensive if you’re not careful, well, it seems expensive even if you are careful, but we can look at minimizing the costs and finding places that are the best value for our hard-earned cash.

Just taking a look at airfare, hotels, food, etc. means you’re almost breaking the bank to go somewhere lovely. It’s supposed to be a vacation, not stressful. Well, thankfully there are places around the world that are cheap to travel to as well as being full of fun and hopefully some great new adventures.


Here are the top 12 places we can think of for a holiday at a good price.


Budapest is the place to go if you’re looking to tour around a bit. It’s not as cheap to fly there, but the prices in the country itself will save you money. The country is known for some of the best cakes and liquor. Meals, train tickets, and hotel rooms are some of the best bargains. Again, you can choose from either the beautiful, quiet countryside for vacation, or the hustle and bustle of the city.




Because of the country’s tough financial issues, traveling here is cheaper than it used to be. The most famous islands there are still pricey to stay on, but choose one of the quieter, less populated islands and you will have a wonderful stay. There are choices for the younger crowds such as backpacking and partying, and also the quieter choices for those who would like a relaxing vacation.



Sri Lanka

This country offers some of the greatest food, jungle adventures, and hotels on the beach for a great deal. There are some of the highest hotels for an affordable price. Live like royalty during your stay without breaking the bank. This country offers some of the most relaxing pools, spas, and views.




This is the place to be with cheap hotels and delicious foods! Many backpackers choose Cambodia to travel to since it’s so cheap. However, there are also five-star hotels that tourists can afford. One of those hotels is De La Paix hotel.


The rooms are beautifully made, including iPod docks and free WiFi. This hotel is also close to the Angkor Wat Archaeological Park. This site is one of the most visited spots, so don’t miss out! They say that the sunrise is the most beautiful at the park. One can either pay for one day to tour the park, or go for a full three days.




Although it has become a rather popular tourist site, it is still large enough that it is not filled with tourists. People can spend as little as five pounds a day; that includes a guest house and food, transportation, and drinks. One of the little cities was claimed by the French and still has some of the French feeling to it. It has some of the best croissants next to France itself. The little city is also set right into the central highlands, for a breathtaking view.




There are many different cities to travel to in Bolivia. Stop by the capital, La Paz, to take a look at the South American life under Spanish colonial control. The streets are filled with some of the most beautifully-preserved colonial buildings. If you’re a museum buff, this city is the place to be, having several to visit. Bolivia offers some of the best food and drinks, and it’s cheap! Although it’s warm during the day, it gets chilly at night.





This is the place to go if you’re looking for a relaxing vacation on the beautiful white sands. You can even go diving in the Red Sea as well as indulge on the cheap foods and drinks. Interested in Spanish architecture? The country offers some of the most beautiful colonial buildings.




This country has had many British visitors within the last few years. It’s a change of view from the pricier vacation spots. Again, the food, hotels, and travel are rather cheap for a wonderful stay. The cities are so close to each other that you can visit several during your stay. There are wonderful museums to see as well.




Again, choose from the rich city life or the wonderful, quiet jungles and country life during your stay. You can tour some of the richest architecture as well as enjoy the finest restaurants and night life for little cost.




Depending on what you’re looking for on your vacation, you can either choose to spend the day shopping in Mumbai’s designer shops or you could spend very little in Dubai. Even if a person would travel on first class trains, they would be spending very little. Plus, there are taxis to take wherever one desires. The one thing that you must do before traveling to India is decide which of the 29 states you’d like to stay in. You can either choose to stay right in the city or stay near the beach. The one thing tourists say is a “must-see” is the Taj Mahal in Agra. If you want the hub of the city, go to Delhi and experience the hustle and bustle.



Dominican Republic

The trick to staying here is eating and visiting places where the locals go. Don’t be fooled by the touristy places and you’ll do just fine with saving money. There are wonderfully beautiful beaches to relax on, and you can do activities like scuba diving and water skiing all for cheap, Sky Scanner reported.




The flight rates for traveling here are beyond cheap, so travel while you can! The country offers cheap activities for you to do such as visiting their famous library. You can even do some budget shopping and not spend all your money. Of course, they have some of the best food and beer.




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We live in a beautiful world, get out there and enjoy it.

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