Backpacker forced to deny he’s the Messiah

Jesus depicted talking to people
Jesus depicted talking to people

I’ve not been to Austrailia and I’ve not met Jesus but I can see why people think that he’s walking around Kenya, he seems to be causing quite a stir.

This Australian man has being mistaken for Jesus as he travels around Kenya.  He was backpacking for two weeks in Kenya and certainly looks the part.

Daniel Christos has even taken to Facebook to try to deny that he is Jesus.  Life on the road for him is becoming a challenge as the locals are convinced he is the Messiah.


It has now reached a point where he is being photographed and videoed every day, with the images being posted online with the hashtag #JesusinNairobi so that followers can keep track of where he has been and where he is now.

He is also being swamped with people wanting selfies with the Son of God.  Things have gotten a little alarming online, with one follower stating Christos should be crucified to see if he would rise again.

Even though Mr. Christos is stating he is not Jesus, he is also not altering his appearance to help put down the rumors.  At present, he is barefoot, bearded, and wearing a robe, so it is understandable that people are getting confused – he does resemble the often-seen pictures of Jesus.

He has accepted interviews while in Kenya to try to convince everyone he is just an ordinary Australian computer science graduate.

He is traveling full time around the world due to what he describes as being stressed and tired from a traditional Australian lifestyle.


He is seeking a less stressful life with fewer material possessions. The interviews haven’t helped at all except to spread the word a little further.

For many people this is turning into quite a serious religious event and even though Mr. Christos denies having anything to do with the rumors and the wave of interest, there are now many fervent believers and equally animated disbelievers out there.

He is often greeted with cries of “Welcome back, Jesus”.  This could all get quite ugly if the two sides start to turn their attention away from Mr. Christos and on to each other instead.

Mr. Christos has described the events that are unfolding around him as intense, and he is now feeling rather uncomfortable whenever he’s out on the streets.  It is hoped that he will see sense and change his appearance soon.

The religious fervor he has unwittingly stirred up has shown some dangerous undertones.  With violent messages already being posted online, the risk to his well-being is quite real.

He said that the Kenyan people and been very friendly and loving towards him, so even though there were comments about crucifying him to see if he will rise again, he knows that this is a very small minority as most have been very happy to meet him on his journey.


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