The best outdoor activities in Sedona

Sedona is a city in Arizona surrounded by one of the most spectacular sceneries on the planet. Often referred to as the “Red Rock State,” it invites visitors to explore the red rocks by foot, bike or in a jeep. This stunning city invites all adventure seekers to explore its great outdoors.

Sedona is simply a year-round playground for small and big kids. On three sides you can see the spectacular red rock formations and on the north Oak Creek Canyon is waiting with its beautiful sceneries. Among the most majestic rocks to be seen here are The Cathedral and The Devil’s Bridge.

Jeep Tours

Get your off-road adrenaline fix or chose a slower paced educational trip into the breathtaking scenery
Get your off-road adrenaline fix or chose a slower paced educational trip into the breathtaking scenery

A thrilling open-air jeep ride through the Sedona desert is a perfect way to begin your active holiday in Arizona. Jeep tours have been operating in Sedona since 1949, offering different types of vehicles that can take you through canyons and up high desert peaks.

There are experienced tour guides to help you out with everything you need. Be assured that these cowboys will give you a trip that’ll be hard to forget. A day spent in Sedona’s countryside will be one of the most exciting parts of your Arizona trip.

Hiking in Sedona

Hiking is something you must do while visiting Sedona. Try not to do it alone and get help from a local guide. There is the possibility of doing a one-day tour, or you can also get away for several days hiking and camping. Exploring the red rocks for some days is the best thing you can do to get closer to these majestic formations. The tours are organized depending on your interests and capabilities.


If you’re missing some green after all the red and brown surroundings visit the Sedona Golf Resort and enjoy an afternoon on its perfectly designed course. Another excellent golf venue is The Oak Creek Country Club where you can enjoy this great sport.

Horseback riding

Saddle up for a real cowboy experience
Saddle up for a real cowboy experience

If you like more action and movement than a sport like golf provides, then horseback riding is worth a try. With visions of playing a part in a western movie, you can saddle up for a day of exploration. You can choose from a one-hour tour to a whole day trek. Have in mind that you need some prior experience for a full day’s ride. Nothing is better than to cross this area the way they did in the past.

Hot Air Ballooning

Look down on the canyons and beautiful rock formations from the air
Look down on the canyons and beautiful rock formations from the air

Most rides take off before dawn, letting you watch the sunrise over the rocks and canyons below. The balloon ride lasts between one and two hours. It’s the most exciting way to observe the area and admire the picturesque landscape. Many of the tours offer a picnic lunch after landing. If you’re into flying this could well be your favorite outdoor activity while in Arizona.

Sedona has perhaps the most to offer as a destination for active vacations. If this is what you’ve been looking for, look no more. Start packing and visit the great state of Arizona.

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