The best vacations in hidden corners of the world

Tropical paradise
Tropical paradise

We’re getting to that time of year where we’re wondering where our travels will take us, we’ve ben talking about it here in the Outdoor Revival office and it’s very easy to imagine a heavenly beach vacation, just think of Hawaii, Jamaica or St. Barts. We rarely think out of the box or try to be creative regarding the other parts of our planet. There are loads of hidden and hard to find places in the world worth exploring. To discover these beautiful places we often need to step out of our comfort zones and look a little bit deeper and search a little bit harder.


Sometimes the treasure is hidden in our back yard, and sometimes we need to go on the other side of the world to find it, the thing is, it’s there somewhere, we’ve just got to find it.


Palawan is the largest Philippine island, a half desert which makes it untouched and still undeveloped. Besides the sandy white beaches, there are jungles, mountains, and crystal clear water.


This island is known for its amazing landscapes and high biodiversity which make it the last ecological frontier of the Philippines.


Palawan island
Palawan island

The northern part of the island is rich with flora and fauna, clear waters and white sand. The most visited places are El Nudo and Taytay, known by their limestone cliffs, with water full of corals and tropical fish. There are also five endangered types of sea turtles and more than hundred different bird species. Palawan is one of the world’s most beautiful islands.

Taveuni is the fifth biggest island in Fiji after Vanua Levu, Viti Levu, Ono-i-Lau, and Kadavu. It is another lesser known treasure, made of volcanic rock that rises from the bottom of Pacific Ocean. The island is covered in tropical rainforest and surrounded by ciffs with some of the world’s best dive sites.


The climate at Taveuni and Fiji is tropical, so there are no temperature extremes. Between November and April, the area is characterized by tropical cyclones, so it’s probably good to avoid it around then.

Tayrona National Park in Colombia has one of the highest coastal mountain ranges in the world. The mountains end in the clear blue Caribbean Sea. The scenery varies from sandy beaches to the north and rainforest to the south of the park.


There is archeological evidence of ancient human settlements from the pre-Hispanic town of Pueblito. Here there were five hundred dwellings discovered which mean they were homes for around 4000 people.

The park is full of gorgeous beaches, which are set in deep bays, backed by mountains and shaded by coconut palms. There are more than 70 species of bats, more than 300 species of birds and many reptiles.



Snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea is a real adventure because of the variety of corals, plants, sponges and algae.


Our world is full of amazing vacation spots that are waiting to be seen, but not destroyed so be respectful of these pristine places so that they’re always available to us.


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We live in a beautiful world, get out there and enjoy it.

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