Make money online: How to find a location independent job

What if you could just pack up and leave right now? We’ve all thought that. You’re definitely not the only one who’s fantasized about being location independent.

Everyone dreams of having a job where they could travel or a life where they could leave and come back three weeks later. What if it wasn’t just a fantasy? What if you could have that job and live that life by the end of the year?



You can. I’m here today to tell you about three great location independent jobs for the aspiring nomad. I’ll tell you where to find them, how to get them, and what to expect. Keep reading to take the first steps towards your future freedom.

Types of location independent work

First off, there are lots of types of work you can do to make money online. Location independent work is more and more abundant every year. It’s the way of the future.



So let’s start with the basics.

I’m just going to focus on working online. You can be a busker, a beggar, or a bartender just about anywhere in the world. However, that’s not what we’re interested in for two reasons.

First, those jobs pay in local currency. If you’re in Guatemala, you’re paid in Quetzales, if you’re in India, you’re paid in Rupees. This is less than ideal for a number of reasons. Foremost because a rupee is worth 0.016 $USD as I’m writing this.



That means you aren’t going to be saving up money for a flight very fast while you’re working as a bartender in Thailand. If you’re making $USD while living in Thailand, you’re able to live for cheap and save up quickly.

Second, those are jobs you already know about. They require skills, experience, and in some cases the nerves to perform in front of large crowds of strangers. Besides, I don’t need to tell you that there are bartending jobs in Costa Rica, right?



Location independent work online is something you might know very little about and there is certain to be a niche for you. Online work is diverse enough and plentiful enough that you are sure to have the requisite skills to get started right away.

Transcription and Captioning

We’ll start with the simplest gig on the web. Transcribing audio and captioning video isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It can be boring and doesn’t pay the big bucks unless you are really fast. However, it’s a great way to dip your toes into freelance work online.


travel blogging writing notepad desk


This was my first location independent job years ago when I first started dreaming of the open road. I worked for– a transcription and captioning service used by clients all over the world.

You can go to their website and apply for work any time. You have to prove that you can type fast and accurately hear and record the audio in each sample provided. If you aren’t fast enough or accurate enough the first time, wait two weeks and apply again.



Like I said, it’s not glamorous work, but it’s a great way to get your feet wet. Once you realize that making money online isn’t so hard, you’ll start to find more and more ways to do it.

Freelance writing

Freelance writing comprises nearly 90% of the content that passes through your web browser and Facebook feed these days. It’s what I am doing right now. The variety of writing jobs that are out there is truly unfathomable.


freelance writing laptop


Some freelance writing requires expert skill, copious experience and pays top dollar (way more than your day job). However, there are also jobs that require only that you speak English fluently and are willing to write on topic.


freelance writing laptop


In my early days freelance writing, I wrote over 100 blog articles about air conditioning. It was exactly as boring as it sounds. However, it paid for my car repairs and got me on the road traveling.

If you want to try your hands at freelance writing, look into and Both are wildly popular online forums where employers post jobs for freelancers. Consider them the Facebooks of freelancing. There you can set up a profile for free and apply to nearly endless freelancing jobs.

That leads us to our next topic.

Freelance specialist

Once you enter the world of online freelancing, the sky really is the limit. People will pay for just about anything if you’re good enough at it. Common freelancing professions include coding, web development, social media managing, writing, photography, personal assisting, consulting, video editing, and much much more.


location independent work dj laptop


If you’re an amateur photographer, you could quickly become a pro by learning how to freelance your craft. Selling prints, services, and ideas can quickly turn into an online business that pays the bills.


location independent laptop code


If you’re serious about turning in your two weeks and cutting ties, then you shouldn’t stop at freelance writing. Start there, and hone in on a craft you could develop for the rest of your life. The further down the rabbit hole you go, the easier it gets to see the other side.

The road to freedom

It’s hard to imagine being location independent when you’re still at your day job. Making money online can seem impossible before you start doing it. However, if you start to research the possibilities, you’ll see just how much you’ve been missing.



In my first month as a freelancer, I made the goal of earning $300 online. That month I made $295. My online income has increased steadily ever since.



Back then, I could never have imagined where I am now. It wouldn’t have seemed possible.

But sometimes, getting started is the hardest part. Once you’re on the road to freedom, you’ll never look back.

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