How to make the most of your National Park experience

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

National Parks all over the US are perfect places to spend a summer vacation, to have fun on a road trip with your crew, or just to make a visit to some historically significant spot and learn more about the country’s past. When it comes to planning a trip to one of America’s National Parks, the more you know about them, the better.

Be sure to collect all the information available about the park you want to visit. For example, many parks are open 12 months a year while others close when the weather conditions become severe. It’s important to know facts like this for your next National Park journey.

Keep it real 

Rustic accommodation
Rustic accommodation

If you decide to pay hundreds of dollars for a night in a rustic lodge in a historical part of some park, don’t expect silk sheets, room service, and luxury. The place is called rustic for a reason, so don’t get disappointed. What you’re paying for is the location that gives you the exclusive opportunity to spend a night in a place where few others do. So, if you expect hysterical mascots, noise, and shiny floors, this is not going to be your kind of thing.

To bring Fluffy or not? 

Is it a good idea to take your pet to National Park or not? Well, all parks have different policies regarding that issue, so you better check that out before regretting your decision. If you always travel with your fluffy buddy, then look for National Parks that will allow you get in with your dog or even your cat (not sure a cat will enjoy it though).

No Wi-Fi time

No WiFi, noooooooooo
No WiFi, noooooooooo

Get ready to spend some time without your favorite Netflix show. In the end, you’re going on a trip to connect to Nature, breathe some fresh air, enjoy new landscapes and not to stare at your tablet all day long. If planning to visit to a National Park for any length of time, be prepared to spend periods without Wi-Fi and live the real life instead.

Get ready for a rain shower

Nature is often unpredictable. You can check the weather forecast before going to a National Park, but in reality, things are way more uncertain. Weather conditions can change a lot during a single day, so be ready for temperature drops, rain, and storms. Bring your waterproof outfit just in case you get caught in the middle of a rain shower. Don’t let the rain spoil your trip, just take some sensible measures. When planning everything ahead, you’ll be completely fine and you’ll make the most of your National Park hike.

Know your limitations

If you’re out of shape or have any physical problems, then don’t push yourself too hard. You may want to climb the highest peak, but some health issue won’t let you do it. That’s why you should be reasonable and be a good judge of your limitations before you throw yourself into some risky course of action. It’s cool to be an optimist, but it’s even better to know your limitations.

Don’t go alone  

Don’t try to be the bravest person alive and always look to go with company when heading into some gigantic National Park. Or if you want to go alone, let someone know your plans. You don’t want to end up in a scenario fit for a horror movie, right?

Respect the environment

The only thing you should know about the wildlife is that it’s WILD. Don’t try to get friendly to any wild animal or take a selfie with it. A grizzly bear is a wild beast that can tear you apart in seconds, so don’t provoke it. Respect and love the environment you’re visiting and don’t destroy it. Save it for the next generation. Good luck!

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