The most mysterious places in Texas

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Geological exfoliation of granite at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area - Author: Wing-Chi Poon - CC BY-SA 2.5

When you find yourself thinking about weird places, you never think of Texas. Instead, Texas conjures up thoughts of fried food, friendly people, and football.

The locations of mysterious events are probably low on the list of popular attractions in the state of Texas. But you’ll be surprised when you learn about all the spooky places that Texas actually does have to offer. Random sink holes that swallow half a town or strange underwater caves are just the beginning of the mysterious world of Texas.

If you consider yourself an adventurer that likes to experiment with new places, then you’re going to love this list for sure. What’s a journey without a thrill, right? Let’s get started!

Witch’s grave, Liberty Hill 

Liberty Hill, Texas – Credit:
Liberty Hill, Texas – Credit:

Liberty Hill is a small town famous for holding a dark secret that still gives people shivers. The story says that in the early 1800s a slave girl was accused of witchcraft and was hanged from a tree near an abandoned graveyard. Her body was buried under the same tree.

The words “whoever passes over this grave shall die as I died” are written on her grave. People say that if you’re there at night, you can see the body hanging from the tree and hear the girl crying for help. Will you dare to go there?

Jacob’s Well, Wimberley

Jacob’s Well seems just like any other spring and as such has nothing special to offer. Well, if you think this, you’d be wrong. The well goes hundreds of feet down into the earth, creating the largest underwater cave system in Texas.


A swimmer at Jacob’s Well – Author: Larry D. Moore – CC BY-SA 4.0
A swimmer at Jacob’s Well – Author: Larry D. Moore – CC BY-SA 4.0

Most of the visitors don’t actually enter the well, not even for a swim, no matter how thrill-seeking they are. Exploring an underwater cave in complete darkness is not an easy thing even for experienced divers. No need to be afraid of the Jacob’s Well, but it does pay to be very cautious.

Ghost Tracks, San Antonio

A long time ago there was a school bus full of children heading out of town on a day trip. The bus got stuck on a railroad and was hit by a speeding train, killing all the kids. Since then, there is a legend that says that if you visit the same railroad and turn off the engine of your car, it will keep moving towards safety as if someone is pushing it.

And if you cover your car with baby powder, tiny kids’ handprints will show up. Nobody can confirm if this is true or not, and some say it’s a kind of gravitational force that moves the car away from the railroad. Are you willing to see if it’s true?

Enchanted Rock, Freiderisbruck

Enchanted Rock as viewed from the trail leading to the summit. People climbing on the summit (visible as dots) give an idea of the scale of the granite rock.
Enchanted Rock as viewed from the trail leading to the summit. People climbing on the summit (visible as dots) give an idea of the scale of the granite rock.

The Enchanted Rock is a pink granite formation, 17 miles from Freiderisbruck. The place hides many mysteries and secrets. The name of the rock comes from the Native American tribe, the Tonkawa, according to whose stories ghostly fires were sometimes seen on the summit during the night.

Scientists explain the “fires” as the glitter of the granite after a rainfall. But there is an unexplainable phenomenon nearby that attracts even more attention. Close to the Enchanted Rock, there is a light phenomenon called six-mile light. This eerie light formation occurs at the exact latitude of 30 degrees north, which is also the same latitude at which Enchanted Rock lies.

If you are bored of traveling to new places that have nothing weird about them, you know that if you come to Texas, you’ll find many places that have some strange and spooky stories to tell. Going on a spooky trip with your thrill-seeking friends is maybe the next adventure that you need.

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