Pack Smart: Pack light to avoid troubles during your travel

Doug Williams

Although every trip has its own distinct features, one aspect, however, is more or less universal: you want to avoid any unnecessary hindrances, uncomfortable encounters or experiences during the course of your travel. And if you are taking a break from a hectic urban lifestyle and plan to away from town, or even out of the country, for some time, the significance of traveling comfortably increases exponentially.

One common uncomfortable experience of travel is the handling of luggage. Out of excitement, we often fail to think enough about what we plan to carry, and consequently we end up with a colossal amount of luggage, spending our holidays feeling like a mule on a daily grind. The most neglected, and certainly less talked about issue is that of packing light luggage – it is something we should all take into account if we’re hoping for a memorable time away.

Always Pack Less

All those little items can soon add up to a heavy suitcase
All those little items can soon add up to a heavy suitcase

First of all, make a list of all the stuff you wish to carry with you on your trip, then lay it all out on the floor or on your bed. Now, simply take a long, deep breath and slice the piece into two halves and take only one of those halves. Sure, it can be a hard and brutal decision at times, but one you will not regret a few hours later. Now if you still want to cling on to some small stuff, stick the items in the pockets of the clothes you have chosen to carry.

The aim here is to get by on as little as possible, so chose intelligently: this is a trait that will stay with you and benefit you for many years to come. Another thing you can do is to consider packing a trial bag. This means you pack a bag with all the things that you deem absolutely necessary to carry and then test that bag by carrying it around in your house or in your back garden to get a feel of weight and portability.

You are not going to Fukushima

Most places you visit will have well stocked shops and you will often see a number of familiar brand names
Most places you visit will have well stocked shops and you will often see a number of familiar brand names

Always be mindful of the fact that you are probably traveling to a place where people have and buy things as well, just like you. So, while packing your bags, keep in mind that you can buy any number of things at your destination. By not loading yourself up with stuff that you could buy once you land, you will not only save yourself time on packing, but you will also do yourself a favor since you won’t have to carry it all the way there and back.

Pack Intelligently

Intelligent packers and avid travelers tend to roll the clothes that they don’t want to wrinkle. First, go through your bag and check every corner, and while you are at it try remembering the things that you can easily stuff in the corners, saving on space and reducing the weight of the luggage. It is always recommended to go for packing tubes and vacuum-sealed bags, which are not only space savers but also keep your luggage well organized.

Save space on toiletries

A lot of weight can be saved by packing compact toiletries
A lot of weight can be saved by packing compact toiletries

Go shopping for toiletries before your travel and buy sample size toothpaste tubes and tiny deodorants to save space and weight. Also, get small hotel soaps and put them in seal bags to keep your clothes from getting all soapy. You can also buy shampoo and conditioner bars that are solid and take up a small amount of space in your bag.

Right bag goes a long way

There is no shortage of bags and backpacks on the market, and you can most certainly find the perfect bag to suit your individual situation and weight allowance. Spend some time window shopping and check out various types of bag and go for the one with a good number of small compartments. These bags are designed as such to save you ample space by taking a large chunk of your little bits and pieces and storing them in dozens of small compartments. This way you can then use the main compartment of the bag to pack your clothes and other more important stuff.

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