The phenomenon of Spotted Lake in British Columbia

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Spotted Lake Photo Credit

Spotted Lake is located northwest of Osoyoos in Similkameen Valley of British Columbia in Canada. This salted lake is one more example that Nature can be very creative and strange sometimes.

Spotted Lake is a small lake that contains various minerals including calcium, sodium sulfates and magnesium sulfate. In the summer months when temperatures go high, most of the water of the lake evaporates leaving big amounts of these minerals that form spots visible on the surface.


Spotted Lake Photo Credit
Spotted Lake Photo Credit

During the summer the spots change their color and size as a result of mutual interchange of vapor between different minerals. Colors vary between green and blue to yellow and brown, depending on the color of each mineral.


The lake has been known for centuries for its healing properties. The first nations of Osoyoos know this lake as Kliluk, a sacred, healing place. There is a belief that each spot heals different diseases.

The land around the lake was private property until 2001 when the government made it a communal land for benefit and use of the Okanagan Nation. This decision provides safe use of the land and its resources, without being spoiled by construction companies. It also ensures for future visitors that this natural phenomenon will always be untouched.


Okanagan Valley Photo Credit
Okanagan Valley Photo Credit

In the past, Spotted Lake contained even more minerals. During the World War I, they were used to make ammunition.

Chinese workers were taking one ton of salt from the lake each day. The salt extracted from the lake was then shipped to Canadian munition factories.

The most dominant mineral in the lake is magnesium sulfate, but scientist found eight other minerals present. There are also silver and titanium in lesser quantities.


The Okanagan tribe used water from the lake to cure skin diseases, warts, all kinds of aches and battle wounds.


Spotted Lake Photo Credit
Spotted Lake Photo Credit

It’s no wonder that Spotted Lake is a viewing priority for the many visitors that come to Osoyoos. This incredible gift of Nature is an absolute must-see for everyone that’s interested in natural healing and medicine.

Having the opportunity to see the magical place that has so many therapeutic powers is an experience worth having.

Spotted Lake is a perfect example of a rare beauty our planet is offering us. And it’s not just stunning, it also extremely beneficial for our health.

Learn how to protect the environment so the next generations can enjoy the same assets.


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