What you need to know about Santa Barbara’s new beach

Marion Fernandez

California is known for many things, given that it is one of the largest and most-diverse states in the United States. One of the more common associations with the state is the sunshine and the beaches, the Santa Barbara area included.

In November 2017, the California Coastal Commission unanimously approved to transfer 36 acres that were previously private coastal property to the county. Here’s what you need to know.

Los Angeles Sunset
Los Angeles Sunset
  1. The land is 150 miles north of Los Angeles. In case the layout of California made it seem as if you could be able to stop by the clean beach on a trip to the City of Angels, you need to know that it is a couple hours drive away.
  2. The new beach is more than a mile long. 36 acres is a good-sized chunk of land in California, and will produce a nice, long beach, giving visitors plenty of room to enjoy it.
  3. The land was taken from private owners. It wasn’t that the land was graciously given to the State of California, but instead that the private beach owners had installed dozens of wells all over the land, without permits. The previous owners therefore lost the property and now have to pay half a million dollars to fund public access roads and environmental enrichment projects.
  4. It is located off of Highway 1. Highway 1 is a major state highway that runs along most of the state. Once the public access roads have been built, the beach should be easy to get to from the coastal highway.
  5. It is an extension of Jalama Beach. Jalama Beach is a big destination for surfers, as well as fishermen and whale watchers. This part of the Pacific Ocean has a lot to offer visitors and with the added stretch of land, even more people can take in the amazing scenery and outdoor fun.
  6. Jalama Beach was also formerly private land. Jalama Beach was once owned by the Atlantic Richfield Oil Company, but was donated to the County of Santa Barbara back in 1943. Because the land has been a private beach for the past 70 years, it is ready for visitors to enjoy, meaning this new piece of land is in good hands to ensure that it will be well-developed.

    Santa Barbara
    Santa Barbara

  7. The name Jalama is Native American. Jalama Beach is named for the nearby Jalama Creek. Jalama Creek used to be part of a Native American settlement called Halama, proving that the land has had people on it for a very long time, demonstrating its natural richness.
  8. The beach is an excellent spot for camping. The area already had campsites and a few cabins, giving you a great opportunity to stay overnight or plan a weekend getaway. Since the area is so great for surfing and fishing, you could really get a great little vacation out of it. With the added land, the hope is that there will be more cabins or campsites available, making it easier for more people to really enjoy the land.
  9. There’s no word yet on when the beach will officially open to the public. Because there has to be modifications to ensure the safety of both visitors, the environment, they have not announced yet when the beach will actually open up.
  10. When it does open, you should definitely go. The beaches in Santa Barbara County are popular, but do not have the same levels of saturation as the beaches in Los Angeles County, giving you a more beautiful piece of paradise to enjoy.
Santa Barbara beach
Santa Barbara beach

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