How to take the Queen’s Bath on Kauai

Marion Fernandez
The Queens Bath was deep enough for cliff jumping...water was warm and inviting, perfect for this - Author:  California Cow - CC BY 2.0
The Queens Bath was deep enough for cliff jumping...water was warm and inviting, perfect for this - Author: California Cow - CC BY 2.0

Hawaii is well-known for its remarkable beauty. Every island has something breathtaking to offer, giving you incredible memories and an adventure around every turn. One of the most beautiful things that you can pay a visit to is the Queen’s Bath on Kauai.


Hanalei Bay – Author: Ralf Beier – CC BY 3.0
Hanalei Bay – Author: Ralf Beier – CC BY 3.0

The Queen’s Bath is situated on the north shore of Kauai, in the small town of Princeville. The town itself is surrounded by expensive condos and boasts a population of about 2,000 people. This is definitely not a big city like Honolulu, so it is important to keep in mind that when you visit Princeville you’ll need to be on good behavior and remember your manners.

The other bath

Before we talk about the Queen’s Bath on Kauai, it is important to note that there used to be another location that was also called the Queen’s Bath. Located on the Big Island, this Queen’s Bath was created when a lava tube collapsed and became filled with water from natural springs. Royals were the only ones allowed to enter the sacred waters. Following a 1983 volcano eruption and subsequent lava flow, the bath was destroyed.

Queen’s Bath Kauai

Queens Bath – Author: Alec Mills – CC BY 2.0
Queens Bath – Author: Alec Mills – CC BY 2.0

After the fall of the other Queen’s Bath, the one in Kauai was then given the name Queen’s Bath. This bath is actually a tide pool that was used as a bathing place for royals. It is said that the tide pool will relax you and wash away all of your stress, leaving you rejuvenated and happy. It has become a popular destination for couples seeking out a little romance in a secluded swimming spot.

The petroglyphs

Beyond the relaxing and romantic swimming area, the Queen’s Bath is also known as having the most concentrated complex of petroglyphs in all of Hawaii. You can walk through the park and view some of the amazing petroglyph fields while enjoying the scenery.

The danger

The Queen’s Bath is dangerous all of the time. Unfortunately many people have lost their lives to drowning while visiting the tide pool and venturing out into the ocean.


Queen’s Bath – Author: Brian – CC BY-ND 2.0
Queen’s Bath – Author: Brian – CC BY-ND 2.0

Just like any body of water, you need to proceed with caution if you decide to pay a visit. Before you set out you should check the surf report for that day. The waves will need to be 4 feet or less. Any higher and the area is not safe to visit. There are also rocks in the area around the Bath and some people make the mistake of climbing them. Lava rock is volcanic glass and can cut you very easily and badly. Don’t risk an injury. Just stay away from the rocks and do not play on them.

Also, because the depth of the tide pool changes day to day depending on the tide’s height, you do not want to ever jump into the pool itself. Diving would be suicide as you will definitely hit your head on the bottom. You also want to make sure that you only swim in the tide pool: do not risk going out into the ocean. There are some days when the ocean could be calm enough to venture into it, but it is often unpredictable and you do not want to be accidentally sucked out by a riptide. Even the strongest swimmers are no match for an angry ocean.

Why go

The danger of the tide pool is very real, but the beauty of it is worth the trip as long as you are being safe and smart about it. The waters will allow you to relax and make an incredible memory of your visit to Kauai.

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