How to save money on vacations

Stef Zisovska
Summer vacation
Summer vacation

Imagine if you could afford travel with your family twice a year instead of just once? No need to break into a bank, what you need are good planning and organization skills. Aren’t you going to be happy to take your folks on two different vacations for the same money?

Get ready to write down the best tips that will change the way you travel and allow you to visit more places for the same amount of money. Here’s a list of tips that will help you become a better traveler and save a lot of cash.


Plan ahead for the best discount airline fares
Plan ahead for the best discount airline fares

Airline tickets

It’s important to start planning in advance and visit the discount websites that offer cheap deals. These sites can charge you a service fee of around $5, but will find you the cheapest flight possible.

Connecting Flights

Connecting flights always save you a lot of money. You maybe don’t like them, but it’s a fact that connecting flights are cheaper than the direct ones.

Travel light

Another way to save some extra money is to reduce your luggage. Airlines are charging extra for everything, so try to pack as few bags possible.

Look for round trip tickets

Round trip tickets are always cheaper than the one way tickets. It’s better to buy a cheap round way and not use it, then buy an expensive one way ticket.


Check restaurant prices
Check restaurant prices

Plan your meals

Check for restaurant prices before you go out. It’s good for your budget and your stomach. There are restaurants all over the world that are not crazy expensive but have delicious food.

Cook for yourself

You shouldn’t do any work while on vacation, but cooking can be fun and will save you lots of money.

Avoid breakfast at the hotel

There are good chances that the hotel breakfast is expensive and not that good. Don’t be lazy – go out of your comfort zone and find a local cafe that serves cheap and delicious food.

Eat more at lunch than at dinner

Lunch out is cheaper than a dinner. So, eat a big breakfast and lunch and skip dinner or eat something light. You’ll be happy with your card balance and your figure.


Vacation home
Vacation home

Staying in a nearby town

The smaller towns close to where you are going have hotels that are way cheaper. It might be just a 15 minute ride to get to the place where you want to be, and it will save you tons of money.

Vacation Home

Consider renting a vacation home instead of a hotel if you’re planning to stay more than two days in one place. It’s cheaper and more comfortable.


One suite is cheaper than two rooms in most of the hotels. Think about renting one if you travel with more people.


Travel by night
Travel by night

Rail, Metros, and Subway

Look for multi-trip discounts if traveling in Europe. For example, many railways have unlimited 3 day passes.

Night buses and trains

If you need to travel more than 10 hours on a bus or a train, then get a night ride. You’ll save one night of accommodation.

Avoid Taxis

Taxis are expensive, and there are big chances you’ll be charged more as a tourist. Use public transportation wherever you travel.


Walking is a good way to explore all the quirky corners of a city
Walking is a good way to explore all the quirky corners of a city

Walk around

Walking around and asking locals for directions is a good way to have a close look of the place and make some good shots.

Avoid tourist spots

Avoid tourist spots as they are more expensive, crowded, and not the prettiest.

Try the local version

Consider trying the local beer, coffee or food of the place you’re visiting. You may surprise yourself how tasty and cheap it is.

Go Off Season

Visit a local bar
Visit a local bar

Off season vacations are always cheaper and less crowded. Doesn’t this sound attractive?

Enjoy your next vacation and follow these money-saving tips that will make your life better. Good luck!

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