The best of Treehouse hotel rooms

There's some amazing tree houses
There's some amazing tree houses

Remember the treehouse where you had your club headquarters in the summer holidays? Well, the space in these treehouses could hardly be more different! These stunning constructions are truly an amazing form of five-star accommodation. They are built using ecologically safe building practices, and the proximity to nature is unsurpassed. Some of the most fabulous hotel rooms you can find at canopy level are listed below.

Ariau Amazon Towers.

110 feet up in the air, hanging off a mahogany tree in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest is Ariau Amazon Towers. Your neighbors in the forest are parrots and macaws who also act as reliable “alarm clocks.”  In the vicinity are four treetop bars, two swimming pools at treetop level and a heliport for any of those who do not wish to take the overland trip from Manaus.


Finca Bellavista community in Cost Rica  

The community was founded in 2006 by founders Erica Andrews and Mateo Hogan following a chance site visit. At the time, the 62-acre property was being marketed for sale as a timber harvest site. Both felt compelled to find a better fate for this enchanted land, which had a draw that neither has been able to explain ever since. Prices range from $85 – $275 a night, although they do have special offers on during the year.  

There’s a variety of facilitates from hot showers through to a full kitchen which isn’t bad considering it’s off grid and 90 feet up in the air.


Mirrorcube in Sweden

This is the first of these incredible spaces. From the outside, it looks more like a mirror cube placed in the center of a forest in Sweden. This is a 16-meter square cube which is suspended from the trees and is accessed by a 40-foot gangway.  Inside, the walls are constructed from birch faced plywood so that the feeling of the interior is airy and light. It showcases the best of Scandinavian style and design.  And would you believe that it has wi-fi available and to top it off, there is a sauna available too. The cost for two people is $560.


The secluded in-town Treehouse

This treehouse was built by the executive director of Greenpeace. It is on a property in Atlanta and is a network of three interconnected treehouses. They are being rented out with Airbnb for a limited time at a cost for two people of $350 per night.


Tongole Wilderness Lodge.

In the small African country of Malawi, you will find Tongole Wilderness Lodge.  This open plan treehouse with African style décor is the perfect choice for people who love wildlife. Facilities for bird safaris, fly fishing and big game tours are very close by.



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