Tips on how to choose your travel destinations

Stef Zisovska

Your New Year resolution is to travel more this year and you finally realized that experiences are more important than material possessions. Saving money is the first big step that you can take in making your desired adventure become a reality, even if you have no idea where to go. With so many beautiful destinations around the world, it’s not always easy to make a choice. Your free time and your budget will be one of the lead roles to help you decide, but still, how do you know what kind of place is the best for you? Here are some useful tips on how to choose your perfect travel destination.

Ask yourself these questions

  • Beach, city, mountain or countryside?
  • Cold or hot climate?
  • Active adventure or relaxation?
  • Adrenaline, culture, shopping?
  • Solo, friends, family, couple?
  • Organized travel agency trip or independent travel?
  • Budget travel, spending all your money, or somewhere in the middle?
  • Under the radar destination or a well-known one?

Write these questions on a piece of paper, and answer them honestly. The answers will give you the first lead as to where you want to go.

Be open-minded

If you find a cheap flight to a destination that you have no idea where in the world it is, or you can’t even pronounce its name, then search the web and check if it’s safe, what it looks like, what the prices are, and whether there are fun things to do there. If you like it – book the flight! Sometimes you need to be adventurous and try new spots.

Use your creativity


Let’s say you know where you want to travel to but the direct flight is too expensive. Stop making a drama out of it and try to find an alternative solution. Check flights to the nearest airport to your wanted destination and then find out if there’s a bus, train, or boat to get you there. It will maybe take you a bit more time, but it’s cheaper and more fun.

The capital is not the only city in the countries you visit

Don’t limit yourself but explore a little more than what the crowd does. Depending on what you want, capital cities can impress you or disappoint you. If you like to get off the beaten path then visit some other city or a town that you haven’t heard of before. Sometimes even the smallest of villages can give you a more mind-blowing experience than a city of 10 million.

Make quick decisions

There are times in life when applying the “Think twice” rule only means you miss an opportunity. Therefore, don’t think for weeks when you find a place you like, just book it! Don’t wait for the prices to jump but react now.

Why do you want to travel?

Have fun
Have fun

Ask yourself why you want to go somewhere other than home and what it is you feel that you’re missing? When you know why it’s easier to decide where to go to look for it.

You can always be a budget traveler

Don’t let the lack of money stop you from traveling. Be creative and find a way to visit the country you want for less money than expected.

Safe choices aren’t bad choices

If you’re not an adventurer, don’t push yourself to be one. There is nothing bad about going to a beach resort and having a comfortable vacation as long as that’s what you want. It doesn’t matter that millions of people have had the same experience before you, what matters is that you’re happy and relaxed, so go for it.

Travel alone

Travel alone
Travel alone

You’ve found the perfect place for your vacation, but no one wants to join you? Don’t worry about it, be brave and go solo. There is nothing bad about traveling alone and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity because of others lack of adventure. Have fun and good luck!

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