Tips on how to travel internationally on a budget

Stef Zisovska
Travel on a budget
Travel on a budget

If you are somebody who just can’t stop traveling around the world, but this year can’t afford to go overseas, don’t despair. Fortunately, there are many different ways to make your dream come true, and it’s not all about melting your credit card. You can travel abroad cheaply. If you’re used to luxury spa resorts, it’s time to change that.

Maybe you won’t feel the most comfortable in the world, but you will still visit the places you like. In the end, if you go to Egypt, for example, it’s all about seeing the pyramids and not where are you staying and how much money you spend.

Use your phone to your advantage

Use your phone wisely
Use your phone wisely

Download apps like Skyscanner, Momondo or Airfarewatchdog to find the cheapest flight deals possible. Bookmark a flight that you’re interested in to get notifications when the prices drop drastically. Apps like HotelTonight will help you find a last-minute hotel room at very affordable prices. As for international calls and messaging, you can avoid paying roaming fees by using apps like WhatsApp or Line. It will help you stay in touch with the folks back home, and you can use it anytime you’re connected to WiFi.

Avoid eating out for every meal

Eating out while abroad is a tempting thing, especially if the place you visit has a cuisine that you’ve never tried before. But, being out there for a long time and eating all three daily meals out can go through your minimal budget very quickly. That’s why you should try to cook at least one meal at your hostel’s shared kitchen. If you’re staying at a hotel, find a local market and buy fresh fruit for your breakfast. Save money on restaurants and use it to visit a nearby beach town or an ancient temple.

Eat and drink like a local

Follow the locals
Follow the locals

Choosing the local drink instead of a fancy cocktail is way cheaper. Ask around and see what local people are ordering at a bar. Ordering a locally made drink will not cost you as much as an imported one. The Localeur App will help you find restaurants and bars recommended by the local people. Avoid places that look expensive – they’re designed to rip off tourists.

Search for free fun

Every touristic city in the world has a calendar of events for each time of the year. Search for it online and attend free events that the city is offering. From free museums and bike rides to concerts and food tasting. You choose what you want to do and where you want to go. Also, almost everywhere in the world you’ll find a free walking tour where you can hear local stories about the city. Always tip the guide!

Do volunteer work and stay for free

Do volunteer work
Do volunteer work

If you want to save some more money or you can’t afford to pay for your accommodation, then offer your services to a hostel in exchange for a free stay. Help to prepare the breakfast, make a website for the place, take professional photographs, help them with the gardening or work at an eco-farm. Offer whatever you are good at to gain a free bed in a dorm or sometimes even a private room.

Now you know how to travel on a budget anywhere in the world. Not being a millionaire doesn’t mean you should stay back home being miserable. Be creative and explore new ways of traveling. If you are an outdoorsy person and want to be on the road all the time, then find a way to do it and don’t let anything stop you. Be smart and good luck!

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