Best dog-friendly cities in the US that you will love

Stef Zisovska

If you are one of the 44 million households across the US that owns a dog, then you need to think about which city is the best for you and your canine pal. Up to 70% of dog-owning families consider their pet to be a member of the family. When choosing a place to live, you must take into account various factors, including whether the city you like is a dog-friendly place or not. There are various beautiful cities in the States renowned for being dog-friendly, so before deciding where to live, check this list.

San Francisco, California

Dog on a street
Dog on a street

Over the years, San Francisco has gained a reputation for being the number one dog-friendly city in the States. There is no other city in the US that offers the same comfort and conditions for dogs as Frisco. Dog parks, outdoor activities, and more than 170 dog-friendly restaurants where you can have dinner alongside your pet. Perfect, right?

Albuquerque, New Mexico

If you can’t afford to move to San Francisco and you prefer a warmer climate, then check Albuquerque’s prices. The city has only 28 rainy days per year which makes it perfect for spending quality outdoor time with your dog. Dog parks and about 50 dog-friendly restaurants are quite enough for you and your pet to share countless days together. Albuquerque has a relatively affordable housing market which is one more plus for your budget.

Tucson, Arizona

Little dog
Little dog

Tucson is now considered to be the third most dog-friendly city in the US, which is a big improvement over previous years. Its progress is due to the number of affordable homes, warm climate, and 50 restaurants where you can take your canine friend. Tucson has the eighth most dog-friendly shopping centers as well. Not to mention the number of sunny days during the year when you can go out and play around for hours and practice your favorite outdoor sports.

San Diego, California

San Diego is lacking dog parks, but you can always take your dog for a long beach walk. What San Diego has more than any other city in the country are the 200 dog-friendly restaurants. Shopping centers also score highly, coming in at sixth place for dog acceptance.

Denver, Colorado

Dog park
Dog park

Denver has affordable homes, plenty of dog parks, and about 80 restaurants where you can take your dog. In other words, you and your hairy friend will be inseparable all the time. Knowing that the city has a below-average number of days with precipitation per year, you and fluffy are going to be very happy to live there. So, according to all the metrics, Denver is a perfect city for you and your pet.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Maybe you didn’t know, but Las Vegas has the highest number of dog-friendly parks on this list. The city barely sees any rain during the year, which will allow you to walk around all year long. Also, the low housing costs will allow you to dine outside in one of the 40 restaurants where dogs are permitted.

Sacramento, California

Dog in a park
Dog in a park

The city of trees already sounds like a perfect place for dogs. Sacramento has a lot of greenery, dog parks, and animal-friendly restaurants. Your buddy will never be left behind and you can hang around together anywhere you want to. Take advantage of the many parks and go for long walks with your dog, go running, play games, and even teach your buddy a few tricks.

Living with a dog is not as easy as it sounds and you must think about the needs of all the members of your crew, no matter if they’re human or canine. As you can see, there are plenty of dog-loving cities in the country where you can happily live with your pet. Of course, some of them are more expensive than others, but all of them offer quality conditions for raising and taking care of dogs.

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