Top spots in the world to visit in 2017

Some of the worlds most amazing destinations
Some of the worlds most amazing destinations

Who doesn’t want to travel the globe and explore beautiful places and amazing landscapes? But, with so many wonderful sites to visit, where should you start? While bucket lists destinations like the Galapagos or Machu Picchu might be top candidates, there ae plenty of other gems around the world you could visit first.



Lonely Planet has published the top most need-to-see places in the world for 2017.  Lonely Planet is a top site for guides to various places in the world.



Here is a list of the places they feel you need to see this year:

Choquequirao, Peru

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This is a 15th and 16th century Incan Empire settlement.  It takes six or seven days for the trek there and back.  From the site, you can see beautiful pristine wilderness and stunning mountain views, and you can explore the ruins.  Get in now while tourist numbers are low.

Taranaki, New Zealand


Try the Pouakai Crossing Walk that climbs up the slopes of Mount Taranaki, a one-day walk of stunning beauty.  There are 125 miles of trails in the Egmont National Park that surround Taranaki.  New Zealand is a relatively young country of fresh beauty and entertaining events.

The Azores, Portugal


This is a group of nine islands that you can access by boat or small plane.  They have stunning emerald and sapphire lakes, volcanic cones, and hundreds of flowering plants.  It is a peaceful land, with temperatures between 58 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.  Some of the islands offer water sports facilities and ancient 16th and 18th-century museums and churches for the curious.

North Wales, UK


In a passionate country that is full of rich language, music, and history, this is a place where you can explore castles and beaches.  You can discover and explore the mountains, waterfalls, and lakes of Snowdonia.  It has many resorts and is a good place for individuals and family groups.

South Australia


South Australia is hot and contains most of the arid land in Australia.  This heat makes it one of the best wine growing areas in the country.  It offers great shopping in Adelaide and crowd-free beaches galore.  Visit Kangaroo Island, an early British Settlement.  Follow the festivals and enjoy the fabulous food.

Aysén, Chile


To get into the Aysén region in Chile, you will find yourself following the only road in the region.  The road will take you through fjords and rainforests.  It was shaped by the Patagonian Ice Field and is the world’s third-largest freshwater reserve.  You will be one of only a few tourists if you set off quickly to view this magnificent glacier.

The Tuamotus, French Polynesia


Here are beautiful clear oceans filled with coral and teeming with sea life.  These are part of 80 atolls on the largest chain of islands and atolls in the world.  They are ranked as one of the best scuba diving locales in the world.

Coastal Georgia, USA


Just beyond the lovely Georgian architecture, framed by oak trees, is a coastline of clear, golden sand.  Along this stretch of coast, you can explore quirky towns and discover wild islands.  So take a break from the sweltering heat and stroll in the ocean breeze.

Perak, Malaysia


This is a place where old meets new.  You can find delicious cafés and stroll through historic neighborhoods.  Archaeological digs suggest it’s been inhabited since prehistoric times.  It used to be a major area for tin mining, but now it’s more laid back as Perak is starting to focus more on sustaining its wildlife.  Enjoy the many nature walks it offers.

The Skellig Ring, Ireland

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To get to this magical isle, you need to travel by boat.  It is one of the most beautiful areas of Ireland and was featured in the movie Star Wars.  Get there soon before the tourist and movie makers do, as it looks like more movies will be filmed there soon.  Meet the lovely locals and learn the history behind this Irish treasure.



Maybe the first half of 2017 didn’t go as you planned, and maybe you didn’t fulfill your New Year’s resolution. But don’t worry, you still have six more months. So, pack your bags, and get out to explore the world!


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