Travel sized tubes – Solution to airport security restrictions

Flying means passing through security
Flying means passing through security

With the growing amount of restrictions on carrying liquids on board planes, there has never been more need for compact size containers for your liquids, gels and other essentials.

Travel-sized tubes have become increasingly popular in the last few years among more frequent travelers, simply because they provide a way around the regulations. This means you can still carry small amounts of your essential liquids without raising any flags or breaking any laws.

Of course, the best possible solution is to avoid carrying liquids altogether, but we all know individual situations differ greatly. Some people simply can’t do without their medication, gels, and of course, make-up items such as shampoo and deodorants.


These little travel size tubes are essentially a life saver for some people and are readily available so you can use them for your next trip abroad.

Buying Travel-sized samples

If you or one of your family members are users of beauty products, the chances are you will have a ton of small samples lying around or shoved in a cupboard somewhere. These days, a large number of foundation, shampoo and other skincare products come in small pocket size pouches, which can come in handy for your flight.

Travelers who want to buy these mini travel pouches tend to go to, which is a great option for buying compact sized products.

At Minimus, you can find tons of various products in minimal travel-sized tubes, pouches and containers with the volume of three ounces of less, perfect for taking on the plane with you without being stopped.

Minimus sells all kinds of products in small portable pouches: from laundry soap to salad dressing to pocket size drugs such as Tylenol and others.

Good old also sells a number of such travel tubes; all you need to do is to search for your intended product and next to its name simply put travel size and voila! You will see a long line of products custom made with airport security rules in mind.

Apart from these places, almost all large grocery stores have dedicated sections of smaller travel size product pouches, especially in the toiletries section.

There is a high likelihood that these small tubes are perhaps a bit overpriced. However, regardless of the price, these tubes are worth it. It has got to be better to spend a few extra bucks on these tubes than to suffer without your essential toiletries or medication or the hassle of getting stopped at the airport.


Be mindful that the amount shouldn’t be more than 3.4 ounces (or 100 ml) which is the allowance at the airport where it will be checked by security. Additionally, if you get a lot of sample products from your suppliers all year round, why not keep them stored somewhere and then use them for your travel purposes? This way you don’t have to spend hours making your own tubes, you can simply use the sample bottles to carry your liquid on board.

You are allowed ot carry more than one container, so if you have a few different products, as long as they’re all in containers less than 100ml you should be fine.


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