Visit the biggest tulip fields in North America

Stef Zisovska

Do you enjoy tulips like nobody else does but don’t have the money to fly to Holland? Well, no need to worry because you have all you need back home. The biggest tulip fields in North America are in upstate Washington. The Skagit Valley is just an hour north of downtown Seattle. This area holds around 350 acres of tulips, which makes it the largest on the continent. There is a famous tulip festival in the valley every year which is an amazing attraction for domestic and foreign visitors.

The location of the fields rotates each year, so you would need to get a map to make your visit successful. Every year the biggest tulip growing companies plant their best varieties in the fields waiting for flower lovers to visit. Names like Washington Bulb Co., Roozen Garden, and Tulips, and small growers like Tulip Town are present each year with the best of the best tulip examples. Be aware that the dates change each year because of the weather conditions. Tulip blooming depends a lot on the climate.

Field of Tulips
Field of Tulips

On a Skagit Valley tour, you can see more than 80 varieties of tulip in different forms and colors. The color that’s dominant each year depends on the fashion trends of the season. A good thing here is that you can buy some bulbs and take them home with you. There is nothing better than a bouquet of fresh tulips from your own garden.

There are more fun things to do while visiting the Valley. For example, you can take a helicopter ride to see the colorful fields from above and take the best photos ever. The ride is also a perfect activity for all the adrenaline addicts who like to get a different angle on the world. Bicycle lovers will be amazed by the stunning trails that lead all the way between the alleys full of fresh tulip fragrance.

Skagit Valley is very famous for its tulips, but there is something more here that will make your stay even better: breweries, distilleries, and wineries. Yes, this region is famous for its booze, too. Between your visits to the gorgeous fields, make a stop at one of the breweries and have fun finding out what your favorite tipple is.

Brewed beer
Brewed beer

With all these activities you can easily spend a long weekend in the Valley. Knowing one more corner of this stunning country and spending some time outdoors is just what you need to escape city life for a while. This colorful and fragrant experience will refresh your senses and make you love nature even more. Appreciate what’s around you and have safe travels!

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