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Doug Williams

Can you imagine how will we travel in the future? What if we told you that the future is already here. Modobag has recently launched a piece of luggage that can be ridden and is able to travel at a speed of 8 miles per hour. It takes only one hour to charge and can travel 6 miles in distance. There is a spare battery you can carry too.


The fancy new bag has footrests, a steering pole that can be popped away, and brakes. It is a piece of carry-on luggage, and it is available as from January. It has received some mixed reviews, and some of the objections would appear to be quite valid.

Watch out!

Suitcase on the airport
Suitcase on the airport

“What airport has that much spare room?” It is true, most airports are crowded places. As you ride this mobile luggage you are sitting significantly lower than passersby, so finding clear paths through the crowds will be difficult and slow.

No physical movement

“Welcome to a new level of laziness.” You can’t argue with that. Look at how things have changed over time from the robust suitcase we used to carry to those on wheels we now drag, and now we can actually ride our luggage to the door! There goes the inclination to walk a few hundred meters and get a small but important amount of exercise.

Single travelers only

Crouching on your luggage doesn’t particularly look that comfortable either. If you weren’t feeling like a pretzel when you started, you will be by the time you clamber off. It also looks slightly silly, something for the kids really. If you have children with you, I am not entirely sure if they can ride with you or run alongside. Apparently, it’s designed for single travelers.

Carry-on luggage?

Bluesmart connected carry-on – Author: Maurizio Pesce – CC BY 2.0
Bluesmart connected carry-on – Author: Maurizio Pesce – CC BY 2.0

Getting the luggage onto the plane itself is questionable. Although it is carry-on luggage, I am not entirely sure that airport checkpoints will let you on board with it, as it does have a motor and a battery inside. If they do let you on board, there comes the struggle of lifting it up into the overhead compartment. The weight of your items and that of the motor may make it quite clumsy to lift.

If anyone takes to this piece of luggage, it will be the younger and most agile among us, despite the fact that it is mostly the older generation that needs help carrying luggage. However, the Modobag may become a status symbol of the rich. If you do see this type of luggage being used in an airport near you, make sure you stay out of its way. Brakes may be available, but that doesn’t mean the rider will make use of them in time, and like shopping carts, I imagine they hurt when they whack you in the back of your ankles.

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