5 reasons to become a lifeguard this summer

Does sitting in an office cubicle all summer make your skin crawl? Then lifeguarding might be for you! When you are a lifeguard, your office is the sunny pool or sandy beach.

Check out Outdoor Revival’s top five reasons to get your citification and start working!

You Get to Work Outside

No outdoor enthusiast wants to waste their sunny, summer days sitting inside an office and staring at a computer. Lifeguarding is a great job for those that would prefer to make money while being outdoors. Whether you are a pool lifeguard, a lake lifeguard, or an ocean lifeguard, your main office will always be outside.

You Can Tan on the Job

This is not a serious reason to become a lifeguard, but it is an added benefit! Being outside all summer also means you will be getting a nice, bronze glow to last you through the colder months. However, being in the sun so much means you need to take the proper precautions. Reapplying sunscreen, wearing hats, and investing in good sunglasses are a must.


Lifeguarding is also a great job if you are looking to make some outdoorsy and outgoing friends
Lifeguarding is also a great job if you are looking to make some outdoorsy and outgoing friends

Good Entry-Level Pay

Although this will vary from location to location, typically entry-level lifeguarding jobs pay more than the average-joe summer job. Because of the various certifications that come along with being a lifeguard, facilities will pay their employees more money.
With that being said, this is also a good reminder that your job is important. The safety of swimmers, surfers, and everyone else in the water is in your hands. It is important to take your job seriously, and understand that lives are at stake.

Stay in Shape

It is important for lifeguards to stay in shape to ensure the safety of the people they are watching. Because of this, working out will become a sort of job requirement! Being a lifeguard will encourage you to stay healthy and in shape.

Have you ever seen a beach lifeguard running up and down the beach and stopping to do push ups? They aren’t just showing off, it’s part of their job requirements! Many facilities actually give guards time to workout during their shifts. This also gives guards a chance to rotate out of being the head guard to keep the eyes the water fresh.


As a lifeguard, you will gain variety of skills that you can apply to other jobs
As a lifeguard, you will gain variety of skills that you can apply to other jobs

Gain Important Life Skills

Although your swimming skills won’t be able to help you land a job in the corporate world, the skills you learn as a lifeguard might. Lifeguards need to be problem solvers, good communicators, and calm in stressful situations. You can use these trails to market yourself for other jobs that aren’t in the same field.
Likewise, to become a certified lifeguard you just also have CPR, AED, and First Aid training. These certifications can be helpful if you are looking for other jobs in the outdoors such as being a trip leader or camp counselor.


Helping people or even saving lives

Here’s a bonus reason and it’s a very good one, if you’re good at your job it’s a real service to those around you and that’s very rewarding for you as well as those you serve.


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