6 Healthy reasons to live on the beach

Stef Zisovska

Living on the beach has been proven to be the healthiest way of living. It’s not only that the beach is beautiful, but it’s fun, too, and eases all your everyday problems. Moving from where you live and settling down by the ocean may not seem simple, but it’s definitely possible. Even if you don’t think you could live on the beach for the rest of your life, at least try to spend a few months per year enjoying the waves, breathing clean air, and eating fresh seafood, instead of buying it from the supermarket. The beach life has plenty of benefits, some of which you can check out below.

Natural skin care

Smooth skin
Smooth skin

There is nothing better for your skin than a natural sand exfoliant that you can apply once or twice a week. It will make your skin smooth and soft and it will look a lot younger for it. Don’t forget to put a sunscreen on as soon as you get out of the water. Another good thing about the ocean is that it heals and soothes your muscles and joints, too.

Walk, don’t run

There’s nothing more fulfilling than a few hours walking on the beach. It’s suitable for all ages, it doesn’t have to be fast, and it doesn’t require a watch. By walking on the beach every day you will lower your stress levels, recharge your batteries, and begin to feel calmer. If you are not a walking fan, then give it a try starting with half-hour walks every morning until you become more comfortable with it.

A body check

Healthy skin
Healthy skin

While you’re living in the city, you barely have time to glance at yourself in the mirror before you go to work. Probably there are many symptoms that you’re ignoring and not paying attention to because there’s never a gap in your busy schedule to see a doctor. That’s why the beach is perfect. You will have plenty of time to observe how your body changes and reacts, allowing you to gauge if something’s out of kilter.

Technology detox

Believe it or not, living on the beach will reduce your need (addiction?) for laptops, tablets, and cell phones. It’s not like you will never use them again, but you won’t be addicted to technology in the way you are now. Spending more time outside without spending hours and hours staring at a screen will change the way you think and your perspectives of life.

Deep sleep

Deep sleep
Deep sleep

After a long sunny day swimming, surfing, and walking there is nothing else that your body will want to do but rest. You have probably noticed that you always sleep better while on vacation. It’s not only that you sleep longer, but the quality of your sleep also changes. It’s very likely that all your nightmares disappear, and you start dreaming about positive things.

Vitamin D and a good mood

Spending time in the sun will give you all the necessary vitamin D that your body needs. Of course, don’t spend too much time outside without protection. The sun also supports bone growth, so if you have any old injuries, they will likely get better.

If you want to improve yourself, be happier and in a good mood for the most of the time, then you can be sure there’s nothing better than spending time in the company of the ocean, the sun, and the sand. If you’ve never thought about moving to the beach, then maybe now’s the right time to start thinking about it. Even if you don’t or can’t do it, try to spend as much time as possible by the ocean, and less time in front your laptop screen. Good luck!

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