How to deal with winter sunburn

Getting sunburned is not something that only occurs on a beach vacation but can also happen in winter, and it can be even worse. What is common, regardless of the time of the year, is that sunburn can completely ruin your holiday or your weekend trip. But, when it happens, you can’t just go home and let it ruin the outdoor activity schedule you had. Even if you use a lot of protection, you can still suffer sunburn. So it’s time to learn how to deal with it so that you can continue with your vacation. Let’s get started!


Ibuprofen pills
Ibuprofen pills

When you realize you have bad sunburn and you are red as a lobster, take some ibuprofen as soon as possible. It has anti-inflammatory properties that will calm your skin and help you move the burnt parts without pain. If you can’t take ibuprofen, Tylenol will help ease the pain but doesn’t relieve inflammation. Make sure you take one pill right after you start feeling pain and another before going to bed, but never take pills more often than it tells you on the pack. Avoid drinking alcohol.


No matter if your arms or your face get burned, you need to hydrate. Drink as much water as possible because that is what your skin needs to recover fast. Taking ibuprofen means that you need to drink even more water. Fresh fruit juices can also help you hydrate fast, and if you suffer sunburn during the winter drink a lot of herbal tea. In normal conditions your doctor recommends 8 glasses of water per day, but with sunburn your body needs even more.

Oil-free lotion

Apply plenty of body lotion or after-sun
Apply plenty of body lotion or after-sun

Oil-free lotions that contain chamomile extract or oatmeal are what sunburned skin needs. Apply the lotion every few hours until you start feeling your skin is smooth again.

Aloe Vera

The old-fashioned and perhaps the most effective way to treat a case of sunburn is with fresh Aloe Vera gel. If you can find an aloe plant nearby, cut one leaf in half, take out the transparent gel, and apply it directly on your skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties will calm your skin within 10 minutes. Plus, the gel is always cold and fresh which is what your hot skin needs.


Yogurt can help to calm your skin
Yogurt can help to calm your skin

Another ancient cure for burned skin is to use natural, sugar-free yogurt. Apply cold yogurt on your skin and wait until it’s completely absorbed. Apply again without washing your skin, and repeat the procedure until your skin stops absorbing the yogurt. Wash it off with warm water, and apply an after sun body cream.

Protective clothing

The worst part about getting sunburned while vacationing is that your outdoor time will be limited. Of course, you need to be careful not to get sunburned in the first place, but if it happens, you need extra protection if you still want to go outside. Apart from the highest SPF lotions, you must wear protective clothing, a hat, and sunglasses. You may not feel that comfortable with clothes on in hot weather, but it’s an absolute must if you want to stay safe. If you get sunburned during the winter time, protect your face by always wearing a hat and sunglasses. Always take care of your skin, no matter if it’s summer or winter.

Call your doctor

Make sure you call your doctor if nothing else helps
Make sure you call your doctor if nothing else helps

If your sunburn looks bad and your skin is not calming down after using these remedies, call your doctor and ask about other possible treatment and medication. Also, take photos of your skin and send them to your doctor. If possible, visit a hospital right away and get a professional opinion. Don’t ignore any skin changes and ask for help on time. Sunburn is a serious thing and needs intervention, sometimes urgently. Usually you can treat it yourself, but if it’s serious you need to consult a professional. Stay safe and good luck!

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