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We all love being outdoors, but the blood sucking mosquitoes can make it unbearable. They are everywhere, when you go on a picnic, vacation in tropical countries as well as the US and Europe, they even get in your bedroom while you are trying to sleep and feast on you. It’s not only that we hate the noise they make and the awful bites, but they can also be dangerous to us.


There are many dangerous viruses transmitted by mosquitoes, some can be deadly. The most famous among them are malaria and in the last year Zika has become an issue. The best options to avoid these bugs and to keep yourself away from diseases is to make your living areas less friendly for the mosquito’s eggs. Also get rid of any place with standing water to prevent their reproduction.



It’s a fact that all biting insects are attracted to the smell of our body and our carbon dioxide expenditure. So the more physical activity you’re doing, the more bites you get. You need to keep your skin clean and change your human odor to avoid the mosquito attacks.

Some reports say that the repellent sprays are as poisonous for the people as they are for the insects. They are not recommendable especially if you live in an area where you need to use them all the time.
There are numerous plants with a strong scent that are pleasant for us, but a real nightmare for mosquitoes. This scent covers the smell of people, so it’s good to have them planted in your garden or on your balconies. These herbs are easy to maintain so you can plant them right away and enjoy their benefits.


Lavender field
Lavender field

To get the maximum protection from these natural mosquito repellents crush few leaves in your hands and rub the essential oil onto your skin.

As with all these plants, if you’re putting them on your skin test a small area first so that you can avoid any issues from an allergic reaction.

Lemon balm has white flowers and a lemony smell that keep the mosquitoes away. Lemon balm has also some healing properties.


Basil’s essential oil is very poisonous for mosquito’s larvae. It is also one of the most used food spices.


Lavender is very well known for its insect repelling perfume.

Catnip belongs to the mint family and contains a chemical called nepetalactone that works well against mosquitoes.

Rosemary shrub can easily repel mosquitoes. It will make your garden safer and it doesn’t require a lot of water.


Rosemary Photo Credit
Rosemary Photo Credit

Clove tree is another repellent. It’s not very tall and it needs partial shade to full sun.

Citronella grass oil is used to produce mosquito repellent candles.

Marigold is a sun loving plant. It can be a perfect companion plant for the vegetable garden.


There are also some wild plants that repel mosquitoes. Pineapple weed, Vanilla leaf, Sagebrush, Wormwood, and Mugwort.


When it is mosquito season you should avoid camping in places with standing water. Instead, you can camp in open areas with a breeze, this helps reduce the risk of getting bitten.

In addition, you may consider changing your diet. Mosquitoes are more attracted to people who eat sugar and processed foods. Diets high in whole grain food, fruits and vegetables, and garlic and onion are noted to help reduce the attraction of mosquitoes.


On the next camping trip fill your bag with lots of garlic and stay safe.


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