Find out why hiking is the best stress buster there is

Stef Zisovska

We accept stress as being part of the modern world, as a normal thing that’s present in our everyday activities. What we don’t recognize is that stress is extremely harmful to our physical and mental health. The fact that we are afraid to admit that stress has a huge impact on us doesn’t mean that’s the way it should be.

Fighting and eliminating stress is necessary if you want to stay healthy. The best way to relieve stress is, of course, an outdoor physical activity. You can’t fight stress from your sofa staring at the TV screen. Don’t be afraid to get out, find a peaceful corner, go hiking, and breathe fresh air.

Relaxing your mind

A chance to connect with nature
A chance to connect with nature

If you’re the type of person who thinks too much and overanalyzes everyday situations, then probably you’re under a lot of stress, and your mind is overworked. One of the ways hiking relieves stress is through relaxation. It’s true that hiking requires physical effort and strength, but it also allows you to create a strong connection with nature.

The American Public Health Association confirms that just being surrounded by trees or walking along a riverside is enough to help relax and clear your mind. Any hike will help you get rid of any accumulated stress and so allow you to focus on the beautiful surroundings around you.

Increasing endorphins

Hiking boosts your natural chemical mechanism to produce more stress-relieving components that increase happiness. Any physical activity on a regular basis increases the levels of endorphins and norepinephrines that control our moods. If you have the chance, hike once a week to reduce stress and boost happiness and positive feelings.

Jogging the brain

Hiking is a great stress buster
Hiking is a great stress buster

Hiking helps to exercise the brain by allowing it to think freely and without stress inducing distractions. Some hikers enjoy walking most when surrounded by the sounds of birds, rivers or waterfalls. Others find the silence of the woods more relaxing. Either way, they both help the brain think deeply on issues that are affecting their lives. The physical effort and the deep thinking combined together are perfect for relieving stress. Exercising in nature is way better than sweating in some enclosed gym. Also, when you’re out in the wild it’s more likely that you’ll have positive thoughts before negative ones.


Many people’s answer to the question about what they like most about hiking is the feeling of escape, of being removed from the stressful hurly-burly of their everyday existence. To be able to switch off your brain’s usual mental habits and will allow you to reflect on things that you find more fulfilling. Leave behind your worries when you set out on a hike, and you will be kindly rewarded. To fully remove yourself from the everyday can be an absolute winner when you need a break from schedules, family, problems, cell phones, social media sites, and gossip.

Boost your energy

Hiking with a friend
Hiking with a friend

If you feel weak all the time and don’t know why then it’s probably stress that’s bothering you. If you can’t go hiking more often, then at least try to walk once a week if you want to keep your mind healthy. For example, instead of being bored on a Sunday afternoon, go outside and walk to the nearest park or a nearby forest. If you don’t want to do it alone then ask some friends, choose your favorite hiking place, inspire yourself with an Instagram photo and just get out there.

Don’t let anyone stress you out, but if that happens don’t despair. Get outside, climb to the top of a hill, meditate, focus, smile, cry, scream and get it all out. When you return home you’ll be as good as new. Good luck!

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