Flower power – flowers you can eat in a survival situation

Stef Zisovska

Finding yourself trapped in the wilderness with no food supplies is no fun. And let’s assume that you are not a good hunter or fisherman. Bugs don’t cut it because you are disgusted by them. So the only food source that you can get must be a plant. And we’re not talking about just any green thing you see around, we’re talking about eating flowers for survival. Yes, that’s right! There are many flowers around us that are actually edible and full of minerals, vitamins, and some proteins. It sounds fanciful and untrue, but below you can find out about some flower plants that might just save your life one day.

Eating flowers safely

It’s good to have some knowledge of edible plants guide when you head to the mountains
It’s good to have some knowledge of edible plants guide when you head to the mountains

It’s important to understand right away that you can’t just eat every flower you see in the woods. Some of them are sweet, but others can be deadly. Don’t get scared, but be aware of what you’re eating. Don’t eat flowers if you’re not sure if they’re edible. If you have doubt about a plant while in the wild, then simply don’t eat it. It’s better to stay safe than sorry. Always eat only the petals and remove pistils and stamens.

Also, if you suffer from any allergies, then you should probably avoid eating flowers or try small quantities first and wait for a few hours to see if there’s a reaction. If you want to pick a lot of flowers and save them for later, place them between wet paper towels. If they still become limp, you can revitalize them with cold water. It’s good to have some knowledge of edible plants guide when you head to the mountains.

List of edible flower plants

  • Allium plant species include garlic, onion, leek and many flower types. Some allium species have lavender-purple flowers that you can eat raw or cooked. All the parts of any allium plant are edible, so look for this plant in your surroundings.
  •  Angelica is a genus of about 60 species, and all of them are good to eat. Depending on the type, the color of Angelica flower varies from lavender-blue to deep-violet. Their licorice flavor is actually not too bad at all.
  • Basil flowers are edible just like the leaves and have almost the same taste. All types of basil are good for your stomach.
  • Bee balm or Monarda is a flower from the mint family, it’s edible and tastes like mint.
  • Borage is also known as the starflower, and it tastes like cucumber.
Borago officinalis white flower
Borago officinalis white flower
  • Chamomile is used to make a tea that soothes the nervous system. If you ever find yourself in a survival situation, you can eat Chamomile flowers and enjoy their sweet flavor.
  • Marigold or Calendula is a perfect flower for the spicy food lovers. Its golden-yellow flowers have a peppery flavor, so you probably need to mix them with other edible plants.
  • Fennel flowers are good to eat, they are yellow, with a licorice flavor and grow just about anywhere.
Fennel flowerheads – Author: user:Fir0002 – GFDL 1.2
Fennel flowerheads – Author: user:Fir0002 – GFDL 1.2
  • Hibiscus flowers are also edible and full of Vitamin C. If you ever travel through a South American jungle and get lost, these beautiful flowers can save your life.
  • Jasmine flowers are used to make a tea, but you can also eat them when in need.
  • Mint flowers are… minty! You can eat as many as you want because they are great for your stomach.
  • Violets are famous for their beauty but also for their sweet taste. They grow in meadows, valleys, and forests. Pick a few handfuls of them, and you’ll be able to keep moving until you find your way back home. Happy flower hunting and good luck!
Violets are famous for their sweet taste
Violets are famous for their sweet taste

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