Prepare for the worst – Being disciplined in a survival situation

Alone in the wilderness

Finding yourself in an extreme survival situation is not what you’re hoping for when going on a camping trip or out on a hike, but the thing is you can never plan for every eventuality can occur in the wild.

The world has a way of dropping surprises on us that aren’t funny. Surviving in harsh conditions has a lot to do with your attitude, your mindset, and your habits.

Knowing plenty of skills and hacks is a great thing, but what really matters is how you react to it yuor situation.


There are times when inconvenient things happen to us while we’re hiking or out and about having adventures, we loose control over a situation and get hit by the fear, it can be overwhelming.


Walk in the woods 
Walk in the woods 

When you see a survival TV show, you realize that apart from the mad survival skills people have, what generally keeps them alive is their attitude towards – STAYING ALIVE!

If this is your goal when an unpredictable disaster happens to you, then you should act like that’s what you want to do. Fear is a normal reaction, but in an emergency situation, it can be your worst enemy and just pull you down.


A forest
A forest


Self-control is the key to successful survival. Without it, we are self-centered and can be damaging to ourselves and others as well. Learning to control ourselves can be the greatest benefit, especially in situations where we need to survive.

Self-control helps us to see the reality as it is, it allows us to be aware and ready to react in the right way to resolve a situation.


Also, it’s very helpful when we come to that point where we need to recognize things aren’t going to go our way. Self-control allows us to assess and then make good choices.




Another important thing you should learn is to have your focus on the problem at hand. Always have in mind your different options and make sure that you work through the task at hand so that you accomplish the best results.

For example, in a survival situation, you have to be able to assess priorities based on your specific scenario. Is your priority to build a shelter first, to find food or a water source? You need to focus on one thing at a time depending on what’s the most important priority for saving life or getting out of a situation.



Being lost in unknown territory and expecting for things to function the same as at home is absurd. Whatever disaster happens while in the wilderness, you need to find a way to stay calm and accept the new situation and then deal with it. It doesn’t mean you need to become Tarzan, but at least try to use all the knowledge you have about which plants are edible, how to recognize them, how to find water or how to catch a fish.

Being flexible means being able to adapt to the new conditions, having an open mind, control feelings and finding a way to stay alive until the rescue crew arrives or you can get yourself out of the situation.



Surviving in the wilderness is not an easy task even for experienced people. Before going on a trip be sure that you are ready for it.

Any wild forest, jungle or desert adventure can be a dream come true, but it can also be your worst nightmare if you’re not ready for it.

Have in mind that Nature has its own rules that we need to follow in order to enjoy it. Get ready for your next adventure and take care!


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