Gold nugget worth $250,000 found by Australian prospector

9lb Gold Nugget - A serious lump of gold
9lb Gold Nugget - A serious lump of gold

The new model of a smartphone which performs at a speed of light faster than the ones available only a few years ago surely sends a shiver of excitement down our spines. However, the trend is not as homogenous and uniform as you might expect; people around the world have different triggers and ticks, some more bizarre and enthusiastic than other.

The metal detector world, believe it or not, possesses the same kind of ferocious technological arms race as it exists in the geek world. The metal detector enthusiasts and hobbyists often spend some serious money to quench their thirst for the state-of-the-art equipment that they can proudly brag about online or among their peers.


A very small gold nugget
A very small gold nugget

You must be thinking what a waste of money and time hunting metals where the only exciting thing is the beep of the machine, however, that very beep sometimes can bring what no smartphone or laptop can ever bring to its owner. An Aussie metal detector appropriately dubbed the gold-digger has recently unearthed a massive 4.1-kilo gold nugget while searching for artifacts in Victoria’s Golden Triangle: you read it right it really is 4.1 Kilograms of gold or nearly 9 pounds.

‘As I began to scrape away the clay and dig deeper, I really couldn’t believe my eyes, this wasn’t an old piece of steel in front of me, ‘ he told the Herald Sun.

The enormous gold nugget has been informally named as the Friday’s Joy and is expected to sell for more than $250,000 on an auction. This net value will match the worth of another largest single gold deposit ever discovered in Australia which is called Cindy’s Pride.

The news of the amazing find was first picked up and circulated by the Minelab: An Australian company that prides itself in manufacturing GPZ-7000 which is hailed as the next level of gold detection by the enthusiasts. The company also makes a wide range of other big and small metal detectors with varying price and specifications. The GPZ is so far the most treasured product by the Minelab so far which is equipped with Minelab’s exclusive ZVT (Zero Voltage Transmission) technology along with another state of the art specs.


2.2-gram nugget
2.2-gram nugget

Minelab is determined to give the metal detecting hobby a more lucrative overhaul by providing more gold detecting technologies within their machines. Just last year a prospector named Mick Brown found a 2.7 kilogram of gold nugget which was valued a whopping $175,000 using another of Minelab’s gold detecting machine.

The GPZ has been built primarily keeping in mind the gold detection and the machine has some of the most significant gold detecting technologies providing the deep ground penetration. And now after finding a 4.1 kilo of gold nugget worth $250,000, the device is certainly going to earn more fame and reputation for its abilities; it is safe to say that GPZ does what it says on its label.


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