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An Incredible Artifacts From Lost Viking ‘highway’ Revealed by Melting Ice

The finds tell a remarkable story of high-altitude travel and long distance exchange c. 300 – 1500 AD with a peak in usage c. 1000…

Blacklegged tick crawling across someone's skin

Don’t Panic! Here’s What to Do If You’re Bitten By a Tick

With the upcoming summer season, outdoors-y types will be visiting campgrounds, hiking trails and woodlands across North America. While we fully advocate getting out and…

Ctenophore moving through the water

Researchers Have Identified the World’s Oldest Animal – And It’s Not What We Expected

Clare Fitzgerald

For decades, there’s been a debate over which animal first roamed the Earth and led to the evolution of every living species around today. While…

Close-up of the surface of Mars

China’s Mars Rover Discovers Evidence of Recent Water In Planet’s Sand Dunes

Clare Fitzgerald

For centuries, astronomers have tried to determine if water exists on Mars. While it was later determined the compound had once covered the planet, many…

Northern Lights over Kvaloya Island

Want to Witness the Northern Lights In Person? Mark Your Calendar for 2025

Clare Fitzgerald

Those with an interest in the night sky often look for constellations and meteor showers, but it appears they’ll now have another phenomenon to watch…

Scalloped hammerhead shark swimming among a school of fish

Study Reveals First-Known Fish to Hold Its Breath

Clare Fitzgerald

Scientists have uncovered the first-known fish known to hold its breath – and it’s one many of us are already aware of. In a study…

One cockroach standing next to one that's on its back + Crayon heart

Cockroaches Are Adapting Their Sex Lives In Response to Pesticides

Among the most irritating pests in the world, cockroaches have been the bane of human existence for much of history. In recent decades, traps and…

Woman holding a stick while standing along a woodland trail

What Animal Is the Deadliest to Humans?

Clare Fitzgerald

While the majority of animals appear cute and cuddly, there are others that hold the very unwanted distinction for being among the most deadly to…

Illustration of the Perseverance rover on the surface of Mars

These Fungi Thrive in Chernobyl – And Maybe Soon On Mars

Rosemary Giles

When the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant experienced its meltdown in 1986, airborne radioactive contaminants were released throughout Ukraine. People were evacuated as quickly as possible…

Sea otter floating on its back in the water + Peregrine falcon staring into the distance

Seven Animals That Would Have Gone Extinct If It Hadn’t Been for Zoos

Samantha Franco

Humans have this incredible ability to destroy the world around them. As a result, habitat loss has become one of the greatest threats – and…