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Individual holding a handful of mushrooms

10 Common, Edible Mushrooms to Forage and Enjoy

Searching for mushrooms can be a fun way to spend time outdoors while also scoring free ingredients to make delicious meals! These 10 species are…

Paracord bracelet

Don’t Leave Home Without One Of These Paracords In Various Shapes, Sizes, And Toughness

Those in the military have long known about the incredible utility of parachute cords or paracords. While they were initially just used in parachute suspension…

Tenzing Norgay at the summit of Mount Everest + Mountaineers descending the Hillary Step

Celebrating 70 Years Since the First Climbers Reached the Peak of Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world, rising nearly 9,000 meters above sea level. It towers over the Himalayas, not only making for…

Baby golden coin turtle sitting in a human palm

‘The Situation Has Come to a Point Where It Cannot Be Worse’ – Scientists Raise Alarm Over Shrinking Turtle Population

Clare Fitzgerald

Hong Kong is among the most heavily- and densely-populated cities in the world. It’s not just home to over 7.4 million residents, it’s also the…

Moon moving in front of the Sun during a total solar eclipse + Four members of a family wearing eclipse glasses

What We Know About the 2024 Total Eclipse Over North America

Clare Fitzgerald

On April 8, 2024, a large swath of North America will bear witness to one of the most astonishing and awe-inspiring solar events: a total…

Pinnacles National Park is California offers stunning views

7 Lesser Known National Parks And Why They’re Worth A Trip

National Parks like Yellowstone, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon are known to pretty much everyone. But there are plenty more parks that fall under that…

Diver in the middle of the ocean

These 10 Scuba Diving Sites Are Among the Most Dangerous in the World

Todd Neikirk

Scuba diving is the kind of sport where participants are regularly looking for the next big thing, and that often means something much more risky…

Group standing just beyond the barbed wire at Perm-36

The Eight Most Remarkable Dark Tourism Sites in Russia

Todd Neikirk

In the early 20th century, Russia experienced a period of social and political revolution. The powers that won spent the next 70 years trying to…

Three fish swimming below a dugong

The Dugong Is the First Large Vertebrae to Become ‘Functionally Extinct’ Off China’s Coast

Clare Fitzgerald

The dugong, a species of sea cow that’s said to have inspired ancient tales of mermaids, has been declared “functionally extinct” in China’s coastal waters.…

Justin Bieber looking over his sunglasses

Six Celebrities Who Are Making a Difference for the Environment – And Five Who Are Killing It

Todd Neikirk

When one has a lot of money, it’s easy to do an awful lot of harm to the Earth. This includes having a massive carbon…