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Paracord bracelet

Don’t Leave Home Without One Of These Paracords In Various Shapes, Sizes, And Toughness

Those in the military have long known about the incredible utility of parachute cords or paracords. While they were initially just used in parachute suspension…

Blacklegged tick crawling across someone's skin

Don’t Panic! Here’s What to Do If You’re Bitten By a Tick

With the upcoming summer season, outdoors-y types will be visiting campgrounds, hiking trails and woodlands across North America. While we fully advocate getting out and…

Tenzing Norgay at the summit of Mount Everest + Mountaineers descending the Hillary Step

Celebrating 70 Years Since the First Climbers Reached the Peak of Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world, rising nearly 9,000 meters above sea level. It towers over the Himalayas, not only making for…

Woman hiking along a wooded trail

Drone Discovers Truth Behind Missing Woman’s Disappearance In Forest

Each year, numerous individuals become lost while traversing America’s vast national parks and hiking trails. While the majority are found rather quickly, others are never…

Baby golden coin turtle sitting in a human palm

‘The Situation Has Come to a Point Where It Cannot Be Worse’ – Scientists Raise Alarm Over Shrinking Turtle Population

Clare Fitzgerald

Hong Kong is among the most heavily- and densely-populated cities in the world. It’s not just home to over 7.4 million residents, it’s also the…

Moon moving in front of the Sun during a total solar eclipse + Four members of a family wearing eclipse glasses

What We Know About the 2024 Total Eclipse Over North America

Clare Fitzgerald

On April 8, 2024, a large swath of North America will bear witness to one of the most astonishing and awe-inspiring solar events: a total…

US Fish and Wildlife Service official aboard a boat

Marine Biologists Made Unexpected Discovery Off the Coast of Sri Lanka

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) claims that under 10 percent of the world’s oceans have been mapped using modern sonar technology. This means…

Woman holding a stick while standing along a woodland trail

What Animal Is the Deadliest to Humans?

Clare Fitzgerald

While the majority of animals appear cute and cuddly, there are others that hold the very unwanted distinction for being among the most deadly to…

Individual holding a handful of mushrooms

10 Common, Edible Mushrooms to Forage and Enjoy

Searching for mushrooms can be a fun way to spend time outdoors while also scoring free ingredients to make delicious meals! These 10 species are…

View of Buckingham Fountain

The Nearly Two-Century-Long History of Chicago’s Famed Grant Park

Todd Neikirk

Real estate within the city of Chicago is very valuable, but a decision made back before it was incorporated has kept 319 acres free from…