Amazing facts about pigs that will make you love them more

Stef Zisovska

Pigs are big and fat, very smart, and make good pets for the ones that don’t use them as food. There are different varieties of pigs though, and not all of them are huge. There are tiny pigs, fluffy pigs, wild boars, and the most common big, pink-skinned domestic pig. Just like all animals on our planet have different interesting behaviors and nature, so do the pigs. Here are some interesting facts about them that will make you appreciate pigs more.

  • Pigs love to snuggle close to one another and sleep with their noses touching. They also dream a lot, and scientists say they even dream more than humans. When not in captivity, pigs love to play around, sunbathe, and explore their environment.
  • Pigs like to talk. They communicate non-stop with each other sharing information about food, mating, or piglet care.
  • Newborn piglets can recognize their mothers’ voices just like baby humans do. They can also recognize their names. Mother pigs make noises while they’re nursing the piglets that can be compared to singing.
  • Pigs have a great sense of direction, and they can find their way back after a long distance.
  • Pigs do not eat “like pigs”. They prefer to eat slowly and savor their food.
  • Believe it or not, pigs are CLEAN animals! They need to be given a spacious place to live, and they will never soil the area where they sleep or eat. They are big, and they need a big home to move around. Plus, they like to take a bath to keep their bodies cool because they’re not able to sweat.
A sow nursing its piglet
A sow nursing its piglet
  • They are extremely intelligent and curious. Pigs are smarter than 3-year old kids, they are smarter than dogs and some primates.
  • They are peaceful and never show aggression. Of course, unless they are provoked or threatened.
  • Wild pigs are extremely important for managing the ecosystem. When they’re digging the soil, they’re actually creating a space for new plants to grow. They also help in fruit plant replanting by dispersing their seeds.
  • Winston Churchill famously said, “Dogs look up to man. Cats look down to man. Pigs look us straight in the eye and see an equal.”
  • The pig is so cool that it even takes part in the Chinese Zodiac. The pig sign is a symbol of fortune, honesty, happiness, and virility.
  • Pigs have 15,000 taste buds which is way more than our 9,000.
  • An adult pig can run up to 11 miles per hour. Not bad at all according to their tremendous weight.
  • Pigs drink up to 14 gallons of water every day.
  • Pigs live on every continent on the planet, except for Antarctica.
  • They have four toes on each foot, but they only use two when they walk.
  • The biggest number of domesticated pigs is in China. The second place belongs to the US.
  • In Denmark, there are twice as many pigs as there are people.

Pigs are beautiful animals, and they make great pet companions if you have enough space to provide them with a comfortable life. They are easily trained to use the litter box and to walk on a leash. Also, they are very friendly and get along with other animals. If you do decide to have a pig as a pet, make sure you have enough space, enough time, and do everything that your local vet will advise you to do.

In the end, we all have different tastes and if you don’t want a pet pig, at least try to respect them more as they are a part of this planet, just like us. And remember, they are way smarter than you think!

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