The mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

Stef Zisovska
The Bermuda Triangle - Author:  NOAA's National Ocean Service - CC BY 2.0
The Bermuda Triangle - Author: NOAA's National Ocean Service - CC BY 2.0

The Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious area of the Atlantic Ocean that confuses every single person in the world. There are various rumors circling around that concern this weird spot where ships, yachts, and airplanes apparently disappear without a trace. The area lies between Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico hence why it is known as the Bermuda Triangle, the place of ghost ships and missing planes. Still, there are many people who sail in these waters with nothing ever happening to them. There are plenty of mysteries connected to the Triangle, but the question is: Are the ships and planes disappearing for real or is it all just a myth? Here are some of the most famous theories that try to answer the mystery.


US Navy Avengers, similar to those of Flight 19
US Navy Avengers, similar to those of Flight 19

We are so used to attributing strange and mysterious events to UFOs and extraterrestrial beings that people don’t even question it anymore. Flight 19, in which 5 Navy bombers seemingly disappeared mid-flight on December 5, 1945, has been attributed to UFOs. Are beings of higher intelligence collecting ships and planes from the Earth to explore or steal our secrets? It sounds naive, don’t you think? But still, nobody can say yes or no to the question because nobody knows.

Magnetic Anomalies

True north only exists within a small patch of the earth. So, magnetic variations are normal and most pilots, sailors, and computers with GPS know this and adjust compass bearings to find true north. Many of the numerous TV shows and documentaries about the Bermuda Triangle have testimonies from pilots who say that their instrumentation went haywire. But even if this did happen, magnetic anomalies can happen anywhere in the world and without boats disappearing because of it!

The presence of pirates

One of Bermuda’s pink-sand beaches at Astwood Park
One of Bermuda’s pink-sand beaches at Astwood Park

This sounds the least convincing of all the possible theories. There were rumors that there were hidden pirate ships close to the Bahamas engaged in illicit activities. How these pirate vessels are kidnapping and destroying entire ships and planes remains unknown.

Methane Gas

Methane is a natural gas that is less dense than water. If you sail through a patch of the ocean when a massive methane effluvium bubbles up from the deep, then, yes, your boat could in fact sink. This phenomenon is happening in every ocean in the world, in deep high-pressure environments. What’s weird here is that there are no recorded instances that such an event has occurred in the Bermuda Triangle.

Rogue Waves

Bounty Sinking 2012
Bounty Sinking 2012

Giant waves that appear out of nowhere to hit boats and sink them in a short period of time is also another explanation for the disappearing boats. Sea storms with huge waves are common for the Bermuda Triangle, but also for any sea in the world, so you decide if this makes any sense.

The existence of Atlantis

If you haven’t had any fun so far, check this one out. The mythical underwater land of Atlantis is to be blamed for all the missing ships and planes. Why not? Maybe the people from Atlantis decided to steal a ship or a plane for spear parts, or they use the smugglers’ ships supplies for fun? We don’t know, of course, because there is no proof for any of these ideas, but it’s interesting to try and solve mysterious happenings in a way that people can’t prove for ages.

For some of you, it may be funny. For some, well maybe they believe firmly in one of these theories, trying to find a logical answer why those ships and planes have gone missing. No matter which group you belong to, asking questions can be a great thing to do. Take care and good luck!

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