Unusual tiger facts that you should share with your kids

Stef Zisovska

Tigers are one of the most beautiful animals on our planet. Even if you’re not a big feline fan, you can’t deny they are gorgeous. Tigers are magnificent creatures that are endangered due to the human carelessness. Tigers are not only distinct by their coloration from the other cats, but they have plenty of unusual characteristics that we don’t hear every day about. Maybe if we learn more about them it’s going to be easier to appreciate them more and make an effort to save them from extinction. Here are some unusual tiger facts that the whole family will enjoy.

Tigers have round pupils


Roaring tiger
Roaring tiger


Tigers have round pupils which are different to the all the other cats that have slitted pupils. This is because other cats are nocturnal whereas tigers are crepuscular – they hunt primarily in the morning and evening.

Incredible vision

Despite the fact that tigers are not adapted to the dark, their vision is still 6 times better than humans’ vision.




Marking territory

Tigers have few ways of marking the territory where they live and hunt. The most common things they do to let other tigers and animals know who’s the boss are scratching the trees in the area and urinating on them. Their urine smells strong and other animals know that they shouldn’t get close.

Their urine is their ID

Tigers can tell the age, the gender and the reproductive condition of other tigers just by the scent of their urine. Isn’t that amazing?

Males have bigger territories than females

A tiger
A tiger

Male tigers have larger territories than the females and they overlap so the tigers can mate. What’s interesting about this is that adult female territories generally never overlap with those of other adult females, and adult male territories do not overlap with those of other adult males. Nature made it all perfect, so only the ones who should reproduce meet each other at the halfway.

Most of the tigers have yellow eyes

Most of the tigers have yellow eyes and only the white tigers have blue eyes which comes from the white fur gene.

Tigers never roar at other animals

These majestic beasts never roar at other animals, though you would imagine that’s all they do. When they do roar, they communicate with far-off tigers. As for the communication with other species they hiss and fuff instead.

Males let the females and the cubs to eat first

Tiger couple
Tiger couple

Unlike the lions who always eat first and let the females and the cubs to eat the leftovers of the prey, tigers are more considerate. They simply let the females and their cubs to eat as much as they need while they’re waiting their turn.

Their stripes are unique

The stripes in each tiger are unique like the fingerprints of humans.

Their skin has the same marks as their fur

Just like the housecats, tigers have their skin marked the same way as their fur. If you shave a tiger, the skin will still have the same exact stripes and colors like the fur.

Short fertile period

A tiger
A tiger

Females are fertile for a period of only four or five days throughout the entire year. During this time, they mate frequently. They are pregnant for a little over three months and they usually give birth to two or three cubs.


Tigers only attack if threatened

Tigers don’t see humans as a prey, but they will attack if they’re threatened.

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