Why anglers should wear polarized glasses – helps to see through the water

Doug Williams
Ask27 CC BY-SA 3.0
Ask27 CC BY-SA 3.0

Polarized lenses are now widely in use especially in the regions with ample sunlight in the summer, but very few people know their wider applications in the sports like fishing and hunting in the wilderness.

But first, what do these polarized lenses do that make them so trendy yet useful for millions of people, and then we will go further on their use in the outdoors.

The light is a peculiar phenomenon as we all know it reflects and bounces off from all kind of surfaces; more from a smooth still surface than a bumpy irregular one. When light rays hit the water surface, these do not get scattered in all directions simply due to the smooth surface of the water.

In case of water, light is essentially ‘horizontally polarized’ meaning the focus of the light is often horizontal which in turn creates a bright glare that could block vision if looked straight into. The glare could also occur on a cloudy day as there are always light present in some shape and form, it doesn’t necessarily have to come from the sun directly to create the glare.

These lenses neutralize the intensity of the glare thus restoring the vision at the heart of the glare making tasks easier for the wearer. The polarized lenses are however made only to be used in the conditions where an excess of sunlight glare makes visibility limited.

If used indoors these lenses can significantly decrease your vision, especially in low-light conditions. Looking at LCDs wearing polarized lenses is not recommended as it makes display much darker by reducing the amount of light reaching your eyes; same is true for mobile phones and GPS screens in your car.

The glare from the water surface can cause headaches and a sense of general uneasiness especially when you are performing a strenuous task such as fishing in the shallow waters.

Wearing polarized lenses while fishing will not only reduce the strain on your eyes and consequently lower the risk of headaches, it will make fishing much more easy and effortless. While fishing you need a clear vision especially if you are an angler in that case polarized lenses are a must. Anglers often have to be more patient and vigilant while sight fishing; hunting for bass lurking in the roots of vegetation, the glare can make this task nearly impossible if done without proper polarized lenses.

Polarized lenses were once considered a luxury, but now you can find good quality lenses in your local opticians. If you decide to buy one make sure you get the right ones, do not leap in for the cheapest option, make sure they fit you well and are not uncomfortable especially if your intention is to use them for fishing or another task in the wild.



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