Ditch the four walls – set up your own ‘outdoor office’

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There is this myth at the back of our minds that a good start up requires some sort of base in terms of an office or a locale from where one can conduct the business activities.

What we overlook is the significance of a remote office that can be both beneficial to a new entrepreneur by providing a base to work from as well as taking off the pressure of acquiring a suitable place for the setup. Following is some of the very basic yet highly beneficial tips that one might consider while setting up a remote office.

Get Connected to Wi-Fi

It is self-evident that today’s business activity cannot be considered alive or live without the connection to the web. So consider a place where you can constantly stay connected to a high-speed Wi-Fi. If the location does not provide with the free signals, you can always check with your service provider for various deals that they may have for you.

Utilize the Sun while You Are Out there

Solar power can dramatically extend your working hours off the grid, never underestimate the power of the sun for running your remote office. You can use EnerPlex’s Generator 1200 which goes hand in hand with Commandr 45 Panels for a constant and efficient source of energy. This will leave you with plenty of juice to not only run operations but also to have some fun.

Efficient Workspace

Remember just because you are off the grid, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to put your body through the same pains and aches that you may experience in a cubicle. Always have a dedicated workspace for your business and avoid crouching and bending as much as possible. It is always advisable to use standing desks; these will not only stop any backaches to develop it will force you to work more efficiently without any significant slacks.

Focus and Productivity

Being in the remote locations and serene parks could mean a lot of distraction, yes you read it right nature is the biggest distraction especially when you really want to get something done. Try to use Pomodoro technique to get your tasks for a day done more quickly and efficiently. Pomodoro technique essentially means to have 30 mins of undistracted and focussed work and then have a few mins break to exercise, stretch or do any fun activity as a reward; and then repeat unless all the jobs for the day are done.

Be Weather Conscious

Being out there in the sun means you have to prepare to fight against the excessive sunlight; bring some shades for yourself. And also be prepared for heavy rains and storms as inadequate planning could not only slow down your operations it can certainly damage your equipment such as your laptop or other electronics.

Be Honest

Of course, it does not sound very lucrative that you work from a remote house especially when you are trying to convince your clients that you are serious about your business. However, being honest carries more power and potential to impress then any lie that your mind may push you to throw it out there for your clients. Always tell the truth and also convey your enthusiasm and commitment and once you get one client; the word of mouth alone will be enough for you to make a significant mark in the industry. Be patient and be honest.



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