Fun outdoor things to do with your kids

Doug Williams

In this age of smartphones and tablets, experts fear the next generation will grow up less interested in nature and more addicted to the information technology and gizmos.

This is a significant concern for many parents who do not want their kids to lead a gadget-ridden life with nearly no inclinations towards the natural world. The best thing to stop that grim reality would be to raise our kids more in tune with nature and take them out more often thus keeping them away from the screens as much as possible. Following is a list of some simple activities that you can carry out with your kids with long-term implications in

terms of developing a long-lasting interest in the natural world and care of the environment.

Build a bee bath

Bees are very crucial for our environment as they facilitate pollination effectively accelerating the natural order of things. Bees are effective pollinators but very poor at drinking water due to their limited landing skills on the water. You can build a small bee bath facility with the help of your kids even in your garden or backyard. Simply fill a deep tray with water and then immerse some small rocks or stones in the tray so that rocks are three-quarters dipped in water. These rocks will serve as the landing pads for thirsty bees looking for water to hydrate.

Bird Watching

Bird watching has always been a very healthy activity especially if you are living in or near a countryside or a large park. Often local councils or libraries have books about the local birds along with the time of year these are most commonly found and the best place to go bird watching. You only require a pair of binoculars and perhaps a bird guide, and you are all set to go. Take a few snacks and enjoy a great afternoon with kids watching birds come and go. If you have a camera, you can teach your kids how to photograph the birds which can then be put into an album with description and details about the birds.

Hike and Climb

This must be the fun activity for the entire family however kids seem to enjoy this more than adults. There are some limitations when it comes to climbing or hiking, but when all said and done, the activity is an amazing tool for the kids to learn about nature and their own ability to deal with the natural elements. Make sure you have the adequate training and equipment before embarking on a climbing journey. Also make sure you do not push your kids to do what they are not capable of performing, little by little raise stakes and let kids learn at their own pace.

Insect Collecting

You can build a small terrarium for your kids if you are planning to visit the park or a nearby forest. Kids can then use this terrarium to collect whatever insects and bug they might encounter in the forest and can bring home for the inspection and study. It is very easy to make a terrarium; the idea is to give an illusion of natural habitat for the creepy crawlies. Take a large jar and fill the bottom with small pebbles, place some leaves and small flowers on top of the pebbles’ layer and then cover it with a wax sheet with holes in it, that’s it. Insects will have quite a natural looking place to crawl around while kids will sit around the jar enjoying their spoils of the battle with the forest.



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