Glamping: How to do it with Style

Marion Fernandez

Glamping, or glamorous camping, has allowed the camping world to thrive, inviting campers who may have otherwise decided to stay home. In short, glamping is where you have amenities while camping that you do not have in traditional camping. This can mean a wide range of things, from having a service where a tent is set up waiting for you all the way to having a more cabin-like experience with television and even a couch.

While the term may be new, glamping has been done for centuries. Once a luxurious experience for those wealthy enough to afford it, today, most anyone can take advantage of some of the perks of glamping. It really is a way to stay relaxed and comfortable while enjoying nature. Here are some suggestions to go glamping with style.

Food and Drink

To begin with, if you are committed to going glamping, you are going to want more than your standard beer and hot dog. Instead, you can come prepared to make a campground cocktail, taking your camping trip up a notch and adding a more festive feel to the experience.

Your food can also be adjusted to bring on the unique and fun. Instead of the standard hot dog, you can prepare meals ahead of time. Many foods can be cooked in aluminum foil, allowing you to have dishes like pineapple chicken or campfire lasagna as long as you have thought about it. For non-alcoholic drinks, look beyond soda pop and see if you can find some vintage-style soda or even just fun flavors to keep things interesting.

Make the campground drinks a little more luxurious
Make the campground drinks a little more luxurious

Beyond the food, consider how you can present your dishes. Bring regular plates rather than paper and carry cocktail glasses along with you, giving your cocktails the look they deserve. You can also throw in some platters to be able to serve the food to your group all in one place, making camping feel more like a party in nature.


To really make the most of your glamping experience, you will need to go beyond the classic bar of soap in a stocking. Bring with you good quality hand soaps in a pumper, your regular shampoo, and anything that you would normally use at home to help you get started in your day. This could include a razor for some as well as a mirror to make sure you are looking good.

Also speaking of the bathroom, you should also bring thick and soft towels. They do take longer to dry, but they are much better at drying you, your hair, or any messes that may be made than a smaller or thinner towel may do. Many campers leave their nicer towels at home in fear that they will be ruined camping, but having them along will certainly make your experience more comfortable.


Camping doesn’t have to mean roughing it in a sleeping bag on the bumpy cold ground
Camping doesn’t have to mean roughing it in a sleeping bag on the bumpy cold ground

Time to think outside of the sleeping bag. Especially important if you are camping in a camper or a cabin, you can have a high level of sleeping comfort rather than sleeping on the hard ground in your bag. Bring along a duvet or comforter, plenty of pillows, proper mattresses, and linens.

You can recreate a comfortable bed just like you have at home out in the wild, allowing you to sleep well. Getting a good night’s sleep is always important and camping is no exception. You will find yourself with more enthusiasm and energy the following day after you have been able to truly get your beauty sleep.


If you would like to be able to go glamping anytime or anywhere, you may want to consider investing in your own camper. You can carry with you all of the amenities that you enjoy and have it ready to go on the spur of the moment, making camping simpler than ever before. You do not even need to spend money on anything luxurious because your own touches will make it luxurious by itself.

A classic camper
A classic camper

The size of camper you need will depend on how many people typically camp with you or whether you prefer to go solo. The biggest perk of having a camper is you have automatic storage for camping supplies, keeping you from losing anything in between camping trips. Campers are also warmer to sleep in than a tent, helping keep off the night-time chill that can creep in.


Beyond the standard flashlight or lantern, you can really alter the entire ambiance with mood lighting. Whether you would like to add in some flickering candles (both battery operated and regular candles will do) or fairy lights, you can add more lighting to the entire campsite, making it seem like a magical world in the woods all while making things easier to see in the dark. There are also solar-powered lights out there that would be an easy add-in to your campsite since they only require the energy of the sun to operate.

Outdoor Niceties

Add a personal touch to your picnic table
Add a personal touch to your picnic table

This can be as fancy as you would like, but bringing something as simple as a folding card table and a table cloth can really spruce up the setting. While most campgrounds offer picnic tables, we all know that they can be wet, full of splinters, and their cleanliness is questionable. You can also bring your own portable grill for cooking rather than relying on the campfire to cook your food. A portable grill will give you more control of your cooking temperature and can take the stress out of maintaining a fire, especially in wet weather.

Other Perks

You should also remember to bring the little things that would help out just about any camper. These include ear plugs, eye masks, dishcloths, hand wipes, and the always-needed thermos.

Really there is no wrong way to go glamping. You just need to make your camping experience up to your own comfort level. Some would prefer to go farther with the luxuries than others, but even the slightest consideration of your comfort can make any camping experience become more relaxing and enjoyable.

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