Illuminate your life with this Luminoodle Light Rope

If you want some extra lighting while off grid then take a look at these LED lights which could well be the next big thing in camp lighting. They are made in Utah, by the Power Practical Company, and they are called Luminoodle.

The string of LED lights is encased in silicone, and they cast enough light for the area of a tent, picnic dining table or campfire cooking area.

The product comes in at $19 for a five-foot rope and $29.99 for a ten-foot rope, a battery pack costs a further $20 but the lights can be run off of any USB power source.



The Luminoodle is a waterproof string of 26 separate lights per five foot length, each one with 7 lumens of brightness. They can hang in trees or be strung over branches or hang it on your tent poles. You could even put the whole string into a gauze bag to create a simple hanging lantern. It come with Universal ties, magnets and utility loops for easy hanging

During testing, the lights were found to be nice and bright and made a very reasonable substitute for a camping lantern. As the string of lights is so lightweight, it is easier to carry, and it is so simple to place while just plugged into a small USB power pack.


The string of lights is charged by using a USB battery pack or port. The strand is separate from the power source.

The lights stay on for about six hours from one charge, but if you’ve got a bigger battery pack, you’ll be going for longer.

The brand Power Practical is a well established company with another great product of theirs is the innovative Power pot which is a stove that changes heat from a campfire into electricity. These products are highly recommended for a camping trip.

You can buy the luminoodle on Amazon or on the Power Practical website 



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