Rent an Island: Top 10 private rental islands

Having an island all to yourself and your loved ones seems like something either for the extremely rich or what happens to people at the beginning of a disaster movie. But the truth is that you can actually rent an island in order to have it all to yourself. Here are the best private island rentals out there right now. You may be surprised to find that they are cheaper to rent than a suite in a luxury hotel.

1. Bird Island, Belize

Bird Island, Belize
Bird Island, Belize

Belize really is a kind of paradise, so having a small island off its coast that is all yours is heavenly. For as little as $295 a night, you can get the creature comforts you are used to, mixed with unlimited private snorkeling.

2. Prospect Point House, Bahamas

This private island will allow you endless swimming and windsurfing, as you enjoy the warm waters of the Caribbean. Situated on Big Farmers Cay, you can rent this piece of paradise for $720 a night.

3. Colleton River Plantation, United States

Colleton River Plantation
Colleton River Plantation

Off the coast of South Carolina, Colleton River Plantation will give you the ultimate in seclusion. With an amazing 150 acres of wilderness, $307 a night will seem like quite the bargain.

4. Thousand Islands, New York

Situated on the Lake of Isles, this private island log cottage provides unmatched 360-degree views and incredibly warm water temperatures. It is a perfect way to find some peace and quiet while embracing nature. For the amount of space you get, $604 a night is not unreasonable.

5. The Ark, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

If you are thinking more of white sand beaches when you contemplate a private island, then you need look no further than the Ark, which is located in Colombia. With the amazing beaches and palm trees of the Rosario Islands, it will be easy to unwind and find peace, even at $572 a night.

6. Ipil Waterfront, Philippines

Ipil Waterfront
Ipil Waterfront

$801 a night will get you this exotic paradise, hiding in the Palawan archipelago. You will get the white sandy beaches and amazing views of the Philippines all to yourself as you enjoy the limestone cliffs. A definite one-of-a-kind experience.

7. Dogatraz Island, Hinesburg, Vermont

Perhaps a little bit closer to home, this dog-friendly island sits in the middle of Lake Iroquois. Not exactly ideal for a winter escape, the Vermont island does provide a lovely, lazy solitude in the summer. At only $245 a night, you will love having the stars all to yourself.

8. Ash Kay Island, Manchester, Michigan

Ash Kay Island
Ash Kay Island

Maybe not where you would have expected to find a private island, but at $700 a night, you can get a 156 acre lake to yourself. Here you can swim, fish, and get as much peace and quiet as you like.

9. Out There, Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia is known for its natural beauty, but the Sunshine Coast takes it up a notch. This eco-friendly rental is a mere $333 a night, but gives you all of the best things of B.C. all to yourself.

10. Crescent Island, Sanibel, Florida

Crescent Island
Crescent Island

A little bit higher in cost, Crescent Island will give you your own paradise at $775 per night. As many people normally flock to Florida for vacation, the freedom of your own island sounds almost too good to be true.

Whether you are looking for a place just for yourself to reset or you are looking for a great location for a family getaway, you really cannot find a better kind of peace than your own island.

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