Stop life-threatening bleeding in less than 10 seconds – Cayenne pepper

Doug Williams
André Karwath  CC BY-SA 2.5
André Karwath CC BY-SA 2.5

Whenever an emergency occurs our first instinct is to get help; our first response towards a life-threatening situation must always be to ring 911 or any other emergency number depending upon where we live.

However, in a rare set of events one could find themselves stuck fighting for their life or their loved ones’ life; in that extreme case, you must possess some basic lifesaving knowledge to provide the patient some hope of life.

If anyone knows how to survive the hell, it’s the soldier who went through one: meaning those soldiers who fought in the Second World War. These soldiers had their bags full of extreme survival techniques according to the era; however, one ingredient is still very relevant, and that is Vitamin K. Soldiers were provided with powdered Vitamin K to pour over wounds in case they got shot and feared bleeding to death. A prepper would never forget to include Vitamin K in his/her survival kit; but where could one find it.

Well, it may be a bit hard to find powdered Vitamin K at your local pharmacy; however, its highly likely that plenty Vitamin K is hiding somewhere in your kitchen cabinet. Cayenne pepper or commonly known as ground red pepper contains plenty Vitamin K and could save the life if one is bleeding to death; internal or external. It may come to many as a surprise, but a teaspoon of ground red pepper could not only stop external bleeding in a matter of seconds, it could effectively lower the rate of internal haemorrhages in stomach, throat and nose, or anywhere for that matter.

The question is how it works? Well, the mechanism is easier said than done.

Cayenne pepper is rich in Vitamin K; the vitamin that facilitates the coagulation of the blood. Experts suggest the Vitamin K effectively spreads the focus of blood pressure from the point of the wound, taking a huge chunk of blood from flowing out of the opening. After the blood pressure is equalised around the region of the wound, the rate of blood clotting drastically increases, thus stopping the bleeding considerably.

The loss of blood could cause the patient to go into shock really quickly; therefore, if you are alone and are bleeding heavily simply mix a teaspoon of Cayenne pepper in a glass of warm water and pour it down your throat; now you should theoretically be OK- meaning you won’t die of excessive bleeding. However, call for help as soon as you can and always make sure the emergency staff is notified about the intake of Vitamin K.

Taken orally Cayenne pepper serves equally effective for both external and internal bleeding; however, if poured over the wound it could also serve as a disinfectant as Cayenne pepper is highly anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.



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