The IceHotel 365 will be open year round thanks to the sun

I don’t know about you but every time I walk into my hotel room, the first thing I do is turn the heating down or the aircon up – depending on where I am staying that is.  The IceHotel kind of tells you that your room is going to be cold……

Who would have thought that the below zero temperatures that once took the lives of many adventurers and explorers will one day turn into a luxury for the 21st-century travelers. Men from all over the world flocked to the poles to conquer them, a habitat and landscape that really is unforgiving. They would have found the idea of an ice hotel unbelievable and crazy.

Photo credit
Photo credit

Nonetheless, the IceHotel in Jukkasjarvi region of Sweden has been entertaining the ultra-hot-blooded folks from all over the world. If you fancy pushing the limits and love to have a lay down on a block of ice, then IceHotel would be your ideal holiday destination.

The IceHotel is exactly what it says, most of what this Hotel offers has ice in it. Normally the organizers would arrange for the building of the hotel out of ice specifically in the winter, as it is the only time they can get enough ice to undertake the project of building and decorating their hotel and attracting tourists.

The massive blocks of ice are cut out from the frozen Torne River which are then transported to the ‘work site’ and meticulously crafted to be used as beds, tables and bars for an example.

The sculptures and other items of ice are then left to slowly melt as the temperature shifts from the freezing winter to spring and the hotel and all of it’s rooms return to nature… water.

The IceHotel organizers have long been pondering on the prospect of somehow extending the icy experience beyond the winter season capitalizing on tourism and entertaining more customers.

Now a new initiative is in the final stages, thanks to the legendary midnight sun that proudly shines all day long over the Arctic, the IceHotel is launching their new project dubbed IceHotel 365: this project will do exactly what it says it will run whole year around without any halt or breaks, Seeker reported.

No electric blankets here
No electric blankets here. Photo credit

IceHotel 365 will run on the same fundamentals as its sister hotel, utilizing ice form the River Torne, however, the innovation in IceHotel 365 will be to use solar-powered refrigeration system that will keep the frozen walls and sculptures from melting as the winter temperature shift to spring.

The founder of the company Yngve Verqvist told the local reporters that the aim is to generate the upwards of 75 kilowatts from April to the end of September that will not only run the refrigeration, but it will also provide some surplus as well to power the existing structures like restaurants, offices, and other warm rooms.

Open the door, the room needs warming up. Photo credit
Open the door, the room needs warming up. Photo credit

The brave guests will be entertained with nine luxury suites, each with bathroom and sauna with freezing temperature. The ice bar will serve the customers with chilled champagne while an ice gallery will present the artworks made out of ice.

Now I like ice, you can’t beat Scotch on the rocks – I think I will be sticking with my mini-bar.


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