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Front of a school bus + Bees walking across a honeycomb

Six Die After School Bus Crashes Into ‘Killer Bee’ Hives In Nicaragua

Clare Fitzgerald

Six people, among them an eight-year-old girl, have died after the school bus they were traveling in crashed and was swarmed by Africanized Bees –…

Volcano boarding: the ultimate adventure for adrenaline freaks

Stef Zisovska

Have you ever heard of volcano boarding? Do these two words sound like a mismatch? Well, volcano boarding is an actual extreme sport, made popular…

Learn to speak spanish easily

How to learn Spanish easily and quickly

When you try to learn Spanish for the first time, it seems impossible. There are a million verbs to learn with even more conjugations and…

The best surfing getaways for this winter

Stef Zisovska

Surfing is an extremely fun and challenging water sport that you’ll find you can’t live without once you start. When you learn how to stand…