These Eight Seldom Visited Tourist Spots Have a Lot to Offer

Todd Neikirk
Photo Credit: 
Oliver Sjöström / Pexels
Photo Credit: Oliver Sjöström / Pexels

The hottest tourist spots in the world tend to be overcrowded and expensive. As a result, people are always on the lookout for the next hot location. With a little research, they would realize there are incredible, uncrowded and cost-effective vacations out there. Here are just eight of the best little-known and visited tourist spots.

Republic of Djibouti

Man taking a picture of the ocean
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Space exploration is now open to tourists. In order to go, however, you have to be incredibly rich or important. The ability to really explore things off planet Earth is still a ways away. The closest thing to outer space on our home planet may be the Republic of Djibouti. The area near Lake Assal and Lake Abbe (also known as Lake Abhe Bad) features white-sand beaches and an active volcano.

Tourists visiting the beaches can also get close-up looks at camels and hot pink flamingos!

Sierra Leone

View of a beach at sunrise
Many don’t realize that Sierra Leone has stunning beaches. (Photo Credit: MARCO LONGARI / AFP / Getty Images)

For over a decade, Sierra Leone was rocked by civil war. The diamond trade also made the West African republic an especially dangerous place. That was also over 20 years ago, and, today, Sierra Leone is a much different place.

Due to reputation issues, the country’s tourism industry has developed slowly. People who decide to visit Sierra Leone, however, won’t regret it. The area is dotted with beautiful beaches and incredible nature scenes. Two highlights are the nesting sea turtles and the locally-made Star Lager.


Ocean waves hitting the beach
Vacations in Anguilla are restricted to the super-rich. (Photo Credit: Sylvain GRANDADAM / Gamma-Rapho / Getty Images)

Many of these countries aren’t visited all that much because people don’t know about them. Many, however, know about Anguilla. The British overseas territory features some of the best beaches in the Caribbean and, therefore, some of the best in the world.

The island, however, has made the choice to limit tourism. The only hotels in Anguilla are of the luxurious variety and, as a result, the incredibly expensive island is out of the price range for most tourists. Those who can afford it are treated to true, uncrowded luxury in pristine beauty.


Active volcano off the coast of Vanautu
Vanuatu is beautiful, but features many active volcanos. (Photo Credit: DAN MCGARRY / AFP / Getty Images)

Vanuata is an island nation in the South Pacific, and it seems like the kind of place more people should know about. The country features pristine white sand, beautiful palm trees and incredibly clear ocean water.

The issue with Vanuata, however, is the danger. Mount Yasur, located on the south-east of Tanna Island, is one of the most active volcanos in the world. As such, the inherent danger in Vanuatu might cause tourists to keep their distance.


Two people snorkeling in water
Snorkelers check out the water in Niue. (Photo Credit: Wolfgang Kaehler / LightRocket / Getty Images)

Niue is a Polynesian nation that features wonderful climates and crystal clear water. However, things aren’t all that easy. The terrain is jagged and the water is rough.

For those willing to brave the terrain, there are significant rewards. Drawn by the warm water, gigantic bus-sized whales stay close to the shore. Lucky tourists get a close glimpse of the animals while paddling around the water.

Solomon Islands

Huts along the seashore
The Solomon Islands offer stunning scuba opportunities. (Photo Credit: Wolfgang Kaehler / LightRocket / Getty Images)

The Solomon Islands are close to Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu. The area is best known for what happened there during Second World War. During the conflict, it was subject to a number of battles between the Allies and Japan.

Today, the islands present a wonderful tourism opportunity, thanks to what happened there during World War II. In the waters are coral formations made by downed submarines and boats. The result is stunning life beneath the sea.


Underwater volcano erupting
Photo Credit: Dana Stephenson / Getty Images

Tonga, an English-speaking former holding of the United Kingdom, is truly among the hidden gems of vacation spots. Once there, visitors are treated to lush beaches and giant feasts. One of the coolest things to do while in Tonga is check out the island of Tongatapu. Hollow channels caused by volcanic rock shoot ocean water hundreds of feet in the air.


Trees standing along the water
Photo Credit: Sara Medici / Getty Images

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Have you ever really wanted to get away from it all? Kiribati might be the place for you! The issue with the island is that it is incredibly difficult to get to. Kiribati is located nearly 1,400 miles away from Fiji. Those lucky enough to make it there, though, don’t regret the decision. The island is famous for its hospitality and commonly rolls out the red carpet for visitors.

As well, Kiribati offers plenty to do with its numerous atolls and lagoons.


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