What type of traveler are you

Thumbing a lift to get to a new place
Thumbing a lift to get to a new place

Chances are that you’re not exactly where you’d like to be right now. If you could, you would probably be somewhere far away, doing something adventurous, rather than sitting in front of this screen reading about adventure. The traveler in you is yearning for the unknown.



Your dream vacation says a lot about who you are. Are you a hitchhiker who leaves it all up to fate and is as free as a bird? Or do you plan your trip to fit your vacation time and see the world in two week doses?

Hundreds of thousands of people travel just like you do every year. Read on to find out what type of traveler you are and what that means about your personality.

The hitchhiker

The hitchhiker is the true nomad. They are like tumbleweed, blown across the world by destiny. This is definitely not the travel style for everyone. It requires a real ‘whatever it takes’ attitude. That means that it’s not always comfortable, rarely luxurious and can be very challenging.


type of traveler hitchhiker


However, the hitchhiker isn’t on the road to be comfortable or take the easy path. These travelers are out to see the world in all it’s forms. They see beauty in the synchronicity of finding their way through life. The hitchhiker relies on the world to show them the way.

Hitchhiking is an extremely cheap way to travel and allows for nearly unlimited freedom. It requires a keen social edge and a low threshold for comfort. If you have high risk tolerance and want to see the world in it’s truest, gritty form, hitchhiking is for you. All you need is a bag and your thumb.

The human powered hero

Much like the hitchhiker, the hero aspires to see the world from ground level. They are not afraid of working hard towards their goals. That’s because for the hero, it’s the blood, sweat and tears that make a journey truly special.



The hero bikes, runs, kayaks, and hikes. They take themselves there without motors or machines. They believe supremely in their body and in the limitless human potential we all possess. For some of them, the journey is a test of ability, and a challenge of their own limits.


For a hero, simply seeing a place is not enough. The hero sees the journey as a test of body and mind and so aspires to high goals. They are strong, motivated, and often plan meticulously to make their dreams possible.


The agency traveler

We aren’t all out there to push our physical and spiritual limits. Not everyone on the road is there to find themselves or prove something. The agency traveler just wants a little vacation.


These people usually live fulfilling lives at home and thus, don’t identify themselves as a traveler foremost. They want a perfect getaway but just don’t have time to plan it all themselves or figure it out as they go along.

If you like to see the world in bite sized chunks which you can fit in around school or work vacation time, then agency travel is great. With an agent, you can book incredible adventures that fit your busy schedule. Agency travel is great for someone with a good, stable job back home who just needs a little break.


The one way ticket

These people are the pilgrims, the faithful, and the spiritual seekers. Oftentimes, the one way ticket is an attempt to escape from the past in search of something new. While for others, it is simply a way to cut off their line of retreat.



The one way ticket is often a young person in search of themselves and the meaning of life. Some people take this route to escape a bad breakup, being let go from an important job, or a tragedy in their life.

If you’re not sure who you are, where you’re going, or what you want to make of your life, then the one way ticket can be a great way to find yourself. By committing to a new beginning and letting your heart take you from there, the one way ticket trains your inner compass to lead the way.


The digital nomad

The digital nomads are the ones who can never go back. In many ways, they are the most committed travelers, often because they find themselves unable to live a normal life anymore. These are the travel addicts, the ones who were so enthralled by the open road that they found a way to make it last forever.


travel blogging writing notepad desk


Digital nomads hop around the world from city to city, country to country and work online, wherever they are. Sometimes that means they spend months in one place, getting to know the culture, the context, and the community. However, sometimes they pass through quickly in search of somewhere better.

Some digital nomads are creative professionals who sell work like photography, writing, or music online, while others are tech wizards who make a living developing apps or coding websites. Because they’re fueled by an insatiable industrious nature, they run businesses, side hustles, and make ends meet by whatever means necessary. Some just make enough to get by, while others are unbelievably wealthy.



The digital nomad has few limitations and a wealth of ambition. These are the industrious and entrepreneurial ones. The oddballs and the outcasts who decided to live the dream and never wake up.


The social traveler

The social traveler is the partier, the partner in crime, or the sidekick. They thrive when they are with their crew and seek out shared experiences. For them, going it alone just isn’t as fun or as fulfilling as being in a group. They are easily bored and get lonely when they are away from their friends.



The social travel might be along for the ride but don’t be fooled, they can have epic adventures. Social travelers often plan their trips out in advance and pack a lot into their time. Whether they’re traveling with their crew from home or with new mates they’ve met along the way, the social traveler is rarely alone.

These people come away from their travels enriched by new friendships, shared memories, and inside stories. They like to joke, and laugh, and meet new people. Because the social traveler is exceptionally good at working with others and compromising, they know how to look out for the group and not just their own needs.



The social traveler is often, boisterous, extroverted, and ready to party on a moment’s notice. So being a part of a group of social travelers can be a wild ride. You may be in for the craziest parties, the most daring adventures, and the most memorable stories of your life before the trip’s over.

Which traveler are you?

As you can see, each type of traveler has their own style. Each type fits best with different lifestyles, personalities, and preferences. This list only covers the biggest groups, but there are an endless number of ways to travel. Each journey is as individual as the one who takes it.



You may spend your young life hitchhiking and hero traveling in social and solo circles. But as you grow, you may become a digital nomad off on a one way ticket to see the world. By the time you’re old and have had your wild rides, agency travel might be all you need to feel the rush again.

We all change and grow through our travels. After all, that’s why we go in the first place.  As long as you follow your heart and you find your dreams, nothing else really matters.


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