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Teaching others is a rewarding job
Teaching others is a rewarding job

Each month I have a number of people contact me asking for information about working outdoors, often they’re asking about jobs in the Bushcraft and outdoor skills sector and I advise them as beast I can, given their circumstance.

I’m lucky working at Outdoor Revival, it’s all about the outdoors but I know others are not so lucky so below are a few jobs that might be worth considering.

Are you are an adventurous person who wants to spend as much time as you can, in nature surrounded by trees, plants, hills, mountains, and animals, but your boring job doesn’t allow you much free time to do that? If you’re answering yes to these, it might be time to change your job and try another career path in your life, one that will allow you to combine work with pleasure and will allow you to experience and taste the beauty provided by the natural world.


Here is a list of 8 professions that will make rivers, oceans, deserts, mountains, and forests your everyday working office.

1. Landscape Architect


If you want to have big paychecks and at the same time be part of the designing process of the future parks, forests and the landscape of your surroundings this is an ideal job for you.

The profession itself is demanding, and it requires more brainpower than others, but you will have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with the natural world.

2. Environmentalist


The passion for becoming an environmentalist has to come with your inner self. You have to ask yourself if you love nature and do you want to protect it. If yes, there are many professions that will help you do that, such as scientist, lawyer, lobbyist, fundraisers, grant writers, and many many others.

3. Geologist


Being a geologist or a geoscientist means that the outdoors and nature is your office and your laboratory. This profession will allow you to explore the Earth, the atmosphere, soils, oceans and if you’re lucky (or particularly good) to travel the globe.


Since we are quickly wasting and losing our resources on this planet, professions such as petrology, geology, geochemistry, geophysics, mineralogy, and many others, are becoming more valuable and higher paid that ever.

4. Forest ranger


Being a state or national park ranger will allow you to explore and spend a lot of time in beautiful forests and wilderness, you will be able to be a part of the magnificent landscapes and natural beauty. You can choose between coastal, mountain, desert, lakeshore, and many other terrains to protect and to spend time in.

5. Marine biologist


If you love the deep ocean and the beauty that it offers, then being a marine biologist will allow you to spend a lot of time around and in it. You will be able to explore the ocean world that we know so little about.

You have to spend a lot of time studying and preparing for the job, but you can become a technician, fishery biologist, marine mammalogist, researcher, ichthyologist, and even work at zoos or aquariums.

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6. Lifeguard


Being a lifeguard on a sunny beach is a dream job for many people. Although it is a seasonal job, you could be lucky and find a job in a place that has endless summers, and you could have so much fun while doing your work.

You might even end up with access to boats, paddleboards, jet skis, and many other water toys, plus you will feel like you are in a waterfront office every day, sun and sand, not a bad life.

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7. Tour guide


From exploring wilderness areas to leading a group of adventure enthusiast like yourself, you will have a blast every time you take a hike in the beautiful world around us. Exploring the wilderness and wildlife could lead you to many opportunities, like rock climbing, hiking in parks, canoeing, desert backpacking, sailing, kayaking, dog sledding, any many others.

8. Instructor


Having the opportunity to live in a vacation destination and spend your time teaching others how to surf, ski, dive, or snowboard may be the best thing that could happen to you. Although the job is seasonal, you could have the time of your life doing it, and spend loads of time in water or on the mountains in the snow.

So, if you think that it’s time to change your career path, go on and explore your opportunities out there. These jobs are just some of what is available; you just need to go and make it happen.


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We live in a beautiful world, get out there and enjoy it.

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